Written by : Muhamood Yasin

June 16, 2020

Best Speech to text App - Online voice recognition Software

If you are wondering what technologies can do these days, then you might be amazed by the fact that you can convert speech to text just within a few seconds. If you want to speak out something and would need to take note of that, you will hardly find a person sitting down with a pen and paper to note down the speech. You would not even get to see people typing it down. This job is taken upon by the amazing online speech to text software which does it in a much better and faster way.


So next time you need to convert a speech to text you should surely go for the software. We have listed for you the top 10 speech to text software. Just go through them and chose the one that suits you the best.


1. Dragon Professional Individual

If you are in search of the best speech recognition software, Dragon Professional Individual can easily top your search. The speech engine it uses is based on ‘Deep Learning’ thereby giving flawless results. This software would cost you around 300$, and the price is worth the product.

Dragon Professional Individual


How to use Dragon Professional Individual speech to text software?

  • For starting with Dragon Professional Individual, you need to first buy the software. On buying you would get an activation code.
  • After that, you can start installing it on your device.
  • Once the installation is done, just before you can launch the software, it would ask you for the activation code.
  • Once you have entered the activation code correctly the software would be ready to use. You can now easily convert speech to text in a few clicks.

Why do we recommend Dragon Professional Individual speech to text software?

Dragon Professional Individual is capable of analyzing voice commands. So, for repetitive actions, voice commands would be sufficient. This software goes high on recommendations owing to the amazing technology it uses. The best technologies have come together to make conversions flawless. Along with this, you get a diverse collection of additional features with a high level of customization. All this has made the software a total hit among millions of users across the globe.



If you are thinking of converting a handful of speech to text once in a while, you should think before you go for it. Spending 300$ for software is worth only if you are using to convert a bulk of speech to text with a professional touch. So, before you go for the software do consider this. There are many other tools that can do a similar task and would cost you much lesser or even nothing!


2. Dragon Naturally Speaking

If you are not ready to compromise with the quality of the text to speech conversion, then you must stick to the brand – Dragon. To fit in your budget, Dragon has brought to you ‘Dragon Naturally Speaking’ which would give you the same speed and accuracy in about 50$.

dragon naturally speaking


Why do we recommend dragon naturally speaking speech to text software?

The obvious reason is the pocket-friendly cost along with the most desired quality along with amazing features of the brand Dragon.

How to use dragon naturally speaking speech to text software?

  • To get started with Dragon Naturally Speaking- simply buy and install the software, and double click on the microphone icon
  • Go to the menu options you will find in the ‘Dragon Bar’. You can choose the option that goes with your choice and start with the speech to text conversion.

Limitations of dragon naturally speaking speech to text software 

The only set-back you have with this software is your budget. If you are ready to spend 50$ for the conversion, there is hardly any issue left!


3. Dragon Anywhere

This mobile product is for users who would like the best speech to text software with cloud back-up. It would cost you around 150$ for a year and would give you the feel of excellence like any desktop software. Whether you are an Android user or want is for iOS devices, this software is the best fit.

dragon anywhere


How to use it dragon anywhere speech to text software?

  • You can use this software once you buy it.
  • Download the app and you are all good to go.

Why do we recommend dragon anywhere speech to text software?

This software goes high on a recommendation as with this you can not only dictate a piece of text, but you can also edit a pre-existing one on your Smartphone. You can dictate an unlimited number of words and even get a 7-day trial version if you are not sure if the software would help you. All these have made Dragon Anywhere a top choice among many of the users.



If you are expecting the same level of flexibility as that of any desktop software than Dragon Anywhere can be a disappointment. If you are ready to compromise with a bit of this, you can get speech to text on your fingertips with Dragon Anywhere.


4. Otter

This speech to text app can run on the devices that you use most of the time- Laptops and Smartphones. This software has a good grip on the market when it comes to speech conversions in meetings, lectures, or interviews.

otter speech to text software


Why is it recommended:

This software gives in real-time transcription which enables it to make amazing notes of any speech- however extensive it gets. Otter gives various plans for its user. If you opt for Platinum membership, you get to convert 6000 minutes of speech and it would cost you around 8.5$ for a month.

How to use otter speech to text software?

  • Once you have bought the software, you need to Sign Up with Otter through your browser.
  • Once your account is made Otter would ask you to speak out displayed text for your voice recognition.
  • When you are done with this, you can proceed forward.
  • You can also see the transcript of your spoken words. If you find some of the texts to be incorrect, edit them and save it.
  • Now you are ready for the transcription of any speech. And that's all!



If you are thinking of going with Otter, do go through all the plans they have. If you don't know for sure what you would be using the transcription for, you may not end up with a proper plan.


5. Verbit

Verbit uses AI-backed speech to text transcription mechanism. So, if you want a smarter speech to text transcription- Verbit is the answer for you. Verbit eliminates background noises using neural networks and various advanced algorithms. So, you can never question Verbit on its accuracy.

vertbit speech to text software


How to use verbit speech to text software?

  • For using Vertbit you need to log in to your account.
  • You can then start recording the speech you need to transcribe now.


Why is it recommended:

The user interface that Verbit has is very simple. If you want to go with Verbit, it will provide you with Enterprise service along with team working facilities.



You should keep in mind that Verbit does not give the best involvement of the human editors for getting the flawless outcomes. You can find other text transcription services that can serve you in a better way on this point.

If you need a speech to text software once in a while and you don't feel like spending bucks on it, you can always go for free software. The market holds powerful yet free speech to text software for users like you. Let us have a look at them.


6. Google Docs Voice Typing tool

Google has grabbed a huge crowd of people who are always up for some voice to text conversion. With Google Docs Voice typing you can easily type your voice along with over 1000 voice commands to edit, and put on punctuations and styling in your document.

google docs voice tool



How to use it:

If you want to use this tool-

  • Click on Tools
  • Choose the Voice Typing icon

And that's it!


Why do we recommend google docs voice typing?

Once you start using the tool you can very well see how easy it is to use. Owing to this, Google Docs Voice Typing tool has become the top recommendation of many people. Along with this, if you are using this tool, you need not install anything. All you need to do is to permit Google to use the microphone of your device. And above everything- It's free!



Before you start with the tool, you must note that this feature is available only for Google docs. Along with that, you need to have a strong internet connection to get a flawless result. Also, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version.


7. Speechnotes

If you are a Google Chrome user, Speechnotes can be the wonder speech to text tool for you. This software is available online.

speechnotes spech to text



Why do we recommend speechnotes speech to text app?

We recommend this software to many users who are searching for free text to speech conversion as with Speechnotes you neither have to install anything or register- it's one of the most accessible speech to text converter you can find.


How to use to speechnotes speech to text app?

You can also use this software in your Android or Apple device.

  • Log in to your account and you can start using the software.
  • When you are using it in your window you can simply say a "Start Listening" or can click on the microphone button to start the listening mode of Speechnotes to make it ready for your speech. Yes, it is that simple!


Limitations of speechnotes speech to text app?

Before you set your eyes on Speechnotes be careful with its accuracy. It can be accurate to about 90%. Moreover, if you are using it in Android or Apple, the software cannot analyze the punctuations in your voice. So, you have to explicitly mention the punctuations.


8. Apple dictation

Do you use an Apple device? Do you know if you are an Apple user then you hardy need to bother with speech to text converter? Apple devices come with a built-in speech to text converter. You can easily convert your speech to text for 30 seconds at a time when you are connected to the internet.

apple dictation text to speech app



Why is it recommended:

The converter is flawless and you can surely rely on it. Are you thinking a converter with a span of 30 seconds at one go is not enough for you? Apple has the solution for this! If you can update Mac's operating system to OS X 10.9 you can go for ‘Enhanced Dictation’ which has many additional features for you! Now you can also dictate the speech without connecting to the internet. And what's best is that- this time you don't have any time constraints.


How to use it:

If you are wondering how to get on to the Enhanced Dictation then-

  • You first need to go to the Apple menu.
  • Go for System Preferences
  • Turn the Dictation on from the Keyboard option.



Now you must be wondering why Apple users opt for other speech to text converters when they have a built-in one? The answer to this is, the transcription does have glitches. You may often find voice recognition not working. You have to re-do some settings before you can start with the conversion once the recognition is not working. You may also need to struggle a bit with the settings when you have issues with predictive text. So, if you are ready for this little bit of hassle, you can always go for this tool.


9. Windows Speech Recognition

If you are a Windows user and you are feeling deprived by now, you should not. Just like Apple, Windows too has built-in software for speech to text conversion. It even has some more advantages than Apple dictation.


Why is it recommended:

With ‘Windows Speech Recognition’ you can go with speech to text conversion in any program, application, or web browser on the operating system. We recommend this to many users owing to its huge scope and easy usability.


How to use it:

If you are wondering how would you start with the tool, then here is the way-

  • Go to Programs
  • Choose Accessories and then Ease of Access
  • Finally, click on Windows Speech Recognition.



But we also always point out that this is not the best software in terms of accuracy. It may often give you a hassle with the Settings.


10. Google Cloud Speech to Text

If you are searching for a free speech to text converter for your Android Smartphone, Google Cloud Speech to Text can be the best option. Though best for Android devices, this tool is also available for iOS users.

speech to text app



Why is it recommended:

Google Cloud Speech to Text comes as a feature of Google Search and you can have a really good voice command with this. Moreover, it is easily accessible and very easy to use.


How to use Google Cloud Speech to Text?

If you can't wait to start with the tool you need to follow the few steps-

  • Sign in to your account by choosing the free trial option. You may need to put in some information during Sign in.
  • Once you have signed in, you can select the newly created project from the list and go to API & Services.
  • You should click on Enable API & Services and type speech in the search box. You will find the Speech to Text API. Once you enter into it, click on Enable for Google Cloud Speech API.
  • Now you can start with creating your service account and start using it in your projects, and you can also start with speech to text conversion.



Again, before you step into it, look out for the accuracy which remains around 90%.

With this list of all the free and paid speech to text software, we hope you would have a lovely time choosing for the one you need to make your daily tasks easier than ever!

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