Written by : Muhamood Yasin

Aug. 10, 2020

How to get free subscribers on YouTube?

Nowadays social media is the new platform to do everything. And we mean the term ‘everything’. Today, people use social media platforms for friendships, hobbies, teaching, learning, cooking, staying fit and the list can go on. We do not even need to say all of this because trending on social media is the new fashion and it needs no introduction.


YouTube is a channel that has been a social media platform for a very long time. It has evolved over time. It is now proved beyond doubts that people watch more YouTube than any other platform for videos. YouTube is a platform that has changed the perspective of viewing videos.


Thanks to the evolution of YouTube, the viewing of videos is not just limited to “viewing”. You can view, comment, and even subscribe to your favorite creator. This will allow you to watch every video of your favorite creator. Plus, it will have a history of your favorite videos, recently watched, etc. so that you can access them anytime.


You can also be a responsible citizen and raise your concerns over inappropriate videos, and can even report these videos. From saving copyrights to having proper and legal rules there can be no better platform for videos.


Creating Videos On The YouTube Platform

YouTube also allows you to create your own channel and publish your own creations. They may be inspiring videos or some exclusive creativity of your own. You have the entire hold of the channel and you can control everything from the age of viewing to the countries of viewing.


These channels make your voices reach out to the masses. You can showcase your talents, viewpoints, and even just a mix of your favorite videos. These compiled videos can be viewed by people and enjoyed by them, and you can quickly gain a lot of popularity.


YouTube has also started awarding the popularity of its users. It acknowledges you by the number of views and subscribers your video and channel have. The more you are acknowledged the more popularity you gain. You actually gain the tag of being an influencer. You can even earn money through your channels and make it your full-time business.

All you have to do is keep your audiences happy and up to date. Your audiences and subscribers should have a reason to come to your channel at regular intervals. You should be recommended by word of mouth or by sharing your links to gain immense popularity.


But above all these, you have to create intriguing content that pleases the masses. You have to give a reason for the audiences and subscribers for viewing and recommending you.


Steps to get Popular On Youtube and gain subscribers 


Gaining popularity on YouTube is a slow learning process. Of course, sometimes you will have one video which trends and becomes famous in no time but you need to keep the popularity going on.


And for this, you need to follow a routine. It does require hard work, regularity, and some tips and tricks. And once you gain hold of the routine, there is no looking back. You are all set to go.


But initially to trend you need a thousand to ten thousand followers or subscribers. This number is very essential so that YouTube shows you on the first page of the list based on the search settings.


So herein we are going to tell you how to get free YouTube subscribers the right way. And we assure you that if you follow this process you can win even a million followers. But you have to literally strive hard to reach the million and make the impossible possible.


Steps to gain more subscribers for free


1. Organize the content that you want to showcase on your channel. It should be something that people connect with or want to listen to and see. Be it mythological, modern, technical, or teaching content, you should have deep knowledge of what you are posting. Plus, you will have to post something related to the subject at regular intervals.

Steps to gain more subscribers for free



2. Know your keywords. The keywords are really important. Once your content is all organized you have to put all your efforts in finding the right search words and keywords. You should find all the related words that you know people will search and will find your video content relatable.

get  subscribers on youtube for free



3. Know your audience and see that you engage them. Check wherein you can find your audience and advertise your content. It does not have to be paid advertising but just share your views and get them to come to your YouTube channel.

how to get subscribers on youtube



Moreover, when you have audiences on your YouTube channel, give them surprises. Make your content attractive and also leave some trails about your next video. Keep the subscribe button handy so that they can subscribe easily. Also, remind the audience regularly in the video to subscribe to receive regular updates and be sure to give them one.


4. Maintain consistency. This is very important as your audiences will be waiting for the content regularly and you do not want to disappoint them. These subscribers are the ones who will get more subscribers for yourself.


Be it uploading just one or two videos a week, but it has to be consistent. If you go right with this, and your content is attractive, there is no way you are not trending.


To conclude,


These are the basic steps that will give you thousands of subscribers for free. Also, another important point is that just keep in touch with the latest things that are happening related to your content.


People search social media as soon as a new thing pops up, or if is it going to affect their daily activities, or whether it is just about their favorite things and people. So, stay in touch and just make sure to give your audiences what they need.


Once you get in the flow, you will reach a million subscribers in no time.





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