Written by : Muhamood Yasin

June 16, 2020

How to convert Audio Files with VLC Media Player?

Today, in the digitized world, every one of us has a huge collection of audio files in our devices. Even if you are having just a smartphone, your devices don't go free of audio files. Audio files have become an integral part of our daily life.


Can you recall a day when you did not play an audio file in just a few clicks or taps?

Obviously, it’s tough to recall. However, the issue that pops up now and then is the format of your audio file. Though, nowadays, every device which is capable of playing an audio support a wide range of audio formats, but it's not surprising that you will always have a format that your device cannot support. And of course, file conversion then comes to your rescue.


People across the globe use various ways to convert files from one format to another. A large crowd of people uses VLC Media Player to do the same. Are you surprised? Stay with us to know how you too can use this media player!


What is VLC Media Player?

The VLC media player is a free, portable media player software that can stream media server to play almost all multimedia files you have in your collection. Now, this is the fact you may already know. What you may not frequently hear is, VLC Media Player is not only a software for playing media files. It can inter-convert almost all types of media files. Whether you have video formats or audio, you can rely on VLC Media Player for the conversions.


Whether you are a MAC or a Windows user, you can easily get VLC Media Player in your device. Apart from this, if you are thinking of doing some basic edits in your audio like merging or cutting a part of the audio file- VLC Media Player can help you through that too.


All these have made VLC Media Player an all-in-one platform for a large crowd of users. Whether you want to stream a movie or compress it, all you need is the VLC Media Player.


Why convert files with VLC Media Player?

Many users often have a question in mind- Why to use VLCMedia Player for converting audio files. We can list you almost a hundred reasons why you should get VLC Media Player to convert files. But let us find out just a few of them.


The first advantage you get with the VLC Media player is, it's free! You can name a hundred software for converting files, but most of them are costly. Many of the media converters which you think are free have limited licensing. They will only allow a limited number of conversions in their trial version.


But when you are using VLC Media Player- you can convert hundreds of files, audio or video, without paying a penny. Apart from this, the software does the audio conversion offline. So the speed with which your files will be converted depends only on the processor of your device and not the internet. Many converters also have a limitation in the file size it can convert. But this is not the case with VLC.


If you are thinking of converting a lengthy file- VLC Media Player can be your top choice. VLC Media Player takes care that your audio quality of the converted files does not get degraded. With the software, you get the amazing opportunity of customizing your conversions according to your needs. Now it’s time we see how we can convert files with VLC Media Player.


How to convert Audio files with VLC Media Player?

  • For converting your audio file to a different format, you should first go to the VLC media player.
  • You can click on the Media button on the menu tab and press the ‘Save or Convert’ option from the drop-down list.



  • You will find that there is a section named Drop Media Here. Upload your audio file by clicking the
  • Open Media button in the section. This will open a new dialogue box for you to browse and upload the file you want to convert.



  • Once you are done uploading the file, you should go to Choose Profile zone. Here you will get the list of all the conversions you can do with the VLC Media Player. Select the option that gives you the required conversion from the drop-down menu




  • Once you are done, you can press the ‘Start tab’ at the bottom of the dialogue box, to begin with the conversion. You may need to give the VLC media player a few seconds to do the conversion to the new format you specified.  




  • Once the conversion is complete you can save the file by clicking on ‘Save’. You can choose the destination where your converted audio files would be stored. Once you save your audio file by giving it the name you would prefer, the file will be saved in the destination you have chosen.


VLC Media also permits you to go for customized codec conversion. You can go through that if you need something special. You can just follow the below simple steps to get your file converted into the codec you want.

  • In the conversion dialog box, you were working in, you can easily find the ‘Create a new profile’ on the right of the profile selection dialog box. You can click on it.


  • You will get a new tab called Audio Codec. Along with the Encapsulation tab, you can set the Codec, Bit Rate, Sampling rate, and many more parameters to get the unique audio file quality you want.


To conclude,

These few steps will surely help you to convert all your files to the formats you want. By now you must have felt that working with VLC Media Player is very simple. This is the software which can bring media files to your fingertips. Now when you are off with compatibility and file size issues- it’s time for you to enjoy your audio files. So don't wait any longer to start with VLC Media Player!

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