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Feb. 29, 2020

How to convert AVI to MP3?

If converting all your AVI files to MP3 is giving you a hard time, then we are just the right one to help you. Convertfaster gives you the fastest tools to convert your AVI files to MP3 in no time. With us, you can convert a bulk of your AVI files free of cost. Whether you are a professional or want to convert your files for your personal use, get the smartest converters on our website

What is AVI?.

AVI stands as one of the most popular formats for containing video and audio. It synchronizes the audio with your video to give you the best experience. Its simplicity and high compatibility have appealed to users across the world. So, if you are planning to download a movie or a TV show in a memory-efficient format you may have AVI as your first choice.

Why you should convert AVI to Mp3?

Though AVI is an incredible format, MP3 remains the most popular and all-device supported format over the world. So at any point in time, you may like to convert your AVI files to MP3. We are always here for you if you feel so.

To use our converters, you need not have any technical knowledge. All you need to do is follow some simple steps on our website and you are done. So step into our website to have the best experience.

The simple steps for conversion:

Follow the simple steps and get your MP3 files in no time-

Step 1: Visit our website:

To get our exclusive free converters, simply visit our website.



AVI to MP3 online fast

Step 2: Find the Audio to MP3 converter:

Step into our website and scroll down to find our exclusive audio to MP3 converter. Click to move into the converter.



avi to mp3 convert

Step 3: Upload your file:

Once you are into our converter, you will surely get to see our Upload tab. Click on Choose File and select the file you want to convert from your device. We can convert only one file at a time.and hence request you to upload one file at once to convert.


how to convert avi to mp3


Step 4: Click the Convert button:

The last step to get your MP3 file is to click on the Convert button on our web page. Once you are done, rest back for a moment while we convert your AVI file to MP3. Once we are done, we will give you the option of downloading the MP3 version of your uploaded file. You can download the file with a click without spending a penny.


avi to mp3 online


With the fastest and the most user-friendly interface, we have served millions of our users to their satisfaction. With the speed of conversion, we also make sure to maintain the quality of the converted file we provide to our users.

So, don't think anymore and try out our exclusive converters and feel the difference. We don't speak for ourselves- the users who have used our service say for us. Like millions of our users, let us assist you in getting technology into your life without putting up a bill.

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