Written by : Satyam Maitrai

May 7, 2020

How To Convert OpenOffice to PDF

If you are working with documents in OpenOffice, you must know that though OpenOffice gives you the best platform for all types of productivity tools. But if you are using OpenOffice, we surely know that you are in search of a converter to handle the exclusive formats of the same. Convertfaster brings to you free and online OpenOffice to PDF converter, so that you are never stuck with your format. Before we move on with our details, we would like you to check with us if you know the wonders OpenOffice can do.

OpenOffice comes with a collection of productivity tools that would assist you in with every task you need to do to get your digital document ready for any purpose. Want to work with spreadsheets for data handling? Do you need slides for giving an outstanding presentation? OpenOffice gives you everything for these. Need a tool for handling your business drawing? Simply opt for OpenOffice. OpenOffice comes with ODT, ODS, or ODP formats.

But why do you need to convert your OpenOffice documents to PDF?

We all know how popular PDF format is today! Is there hardly any device that does not support PDF? If you don't want to enter in support issues of various devices, it would be best if you transfer your OpenOffice documents to PDF before you transfer them to other devices. Other than overcoming support issues, PDF preserves the formats you used in your document in the best possible way.

So, if you are eager to ensure that your documents reach every device in the way you view it in your device, PDF is your best choice. However, are you worried because you are not a technical person? Do you think only a techie can convert OpenOffice documents to PDF? Well, if you are with Convertfaster, you are wrong! Let us see how!

How we help you to convert your OpenOffice to PDF?

When you choose us for converting your documents from OpenOffice to PDF, we promise not to disappoint you. With us, you get a highly advanced OpenOffice to PDF converter which converts your office documents in ODT, ODS, or ODP formats to PDF in no time. We care for your safety and don't hold back your data.

Let us see how simply you can convert your documents from OpenOffice to PDF.

Steps to your converted document!

Step 1: The first step is, of course, getting into our website.



Step 2: Choose our Document Converter


Step 3: Get to the OpenOffice to PDF tab to get the converter you need.


Step 4: Upload your document by browsing your device folders.


Step 5: Click on the Convert tab and wait for us to convert your document.


Step 6: We will take you to the download page from where you can download the converted document.



And that's all! Choose Convertfaster as your conversion buddy and let us assist you with our best converter.


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