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March 22, 2020

How to Convert PDF to Word Online Free

Have you noticed how everything has got a new dimension with the advancement of the technologies? A decade back, documents were just a bunch of papers typed or handwritten and then pinned up serially. Today, with a laptop or a tab in hand, do you still think of documents in the same way?

With the start of the digital era, we have enclosed our documents in the sleek screens of our devices. High portability and easy edits have appealed people across the world to shift from papers to digital screens. In brief, the ever-growing technology has brought us several ways in which we can have our documents.

Thus, we got to see the advent of numerous formats for digital documents. Among a variety of formats, even if you are not a techie person, you have surely heard of the PDF format and the Doc format. You deal with these formats every day and inter-convert them to get the best of these. If you convert PDF to Word, you surely know where the glitches lie.

But if you are new in this conversion activity, don't worry! We will start with the basics so that you can smoothly get every bit of a regular user knows.

What are PDFs?

Portable Document Format is abbreviated as PDF, and the name rightly indicates its functionality. If you have used unique text formats or raster images in your document, the PDF format will surely store that, in whichever device you are viewing it. Even if the device you are using doesn't support the font or the styling in the document, don't worry! The PDF format will hold on to the original format and put that up for you.

So, whichever device you are on, you will get to see your document without any device manipulation. The PDF format also gives encryption and the much-needed scope for digital signature along with support to file attachments. So, you can very well understand how amazing the format is!

Where PDFs are a must?

In today's day, millions of documents are transferred from one device to another through wired or wireless networks every second. You may have noticed that in formats other than PDF when you transfer a file, the quality of the contents of your document sometimes falls. You can very well mark the difference between the original document and the transferred copy if it has a lot of images. Of course, the quality of the images falls. This is a visible deterioration and hence we all worry about that. But a techie can also find out the invisible deteriorations.


If you are using the PDF for transferring your document, the format will maintain every bit of the quality of your document without any failure. So whether you are a techie or not, there's no reason you should not opt for the format. Other than transferring, if you want to ensure that every format or vector graphics remain unaltered in every device, PDF is your best choice.

Is PDF all good and no bad?

Now, this is a tricky question. Every format has its pros and cons. So does PDF. You can have the best preservation of your file style and content in PDF, but if you want easy editing of your content in PDF, then you are in a bit of trouble. In PDF, you cannot set the cursor in the place you want to change and start typing or put in anything by a simple click. There are a series of steps before you can start editing the file.

If you are thinking of rearranging the contents of a PDF, PDF is not the best format. It is not that, you can't do that, but there are many formats where you can easily do these with a click or two. So why not get to them? Do you know what is the best format for making very easy edits and rearrangements? It is the doc format. The Word files are the best for these.

What is Word?

Every one of us is familiar with Word. Whether you are a regular user of digital documents or get it once in a while - you know about Word. The word documents are specialized for plain text. With extensive types of text fonts and styles, you can't deny, that with Word you can do wonders to your contents! Not only do you get to deal with plain text, but Word also allows you to insert vivid images, tables, charts, and many more in a few clicks for giving the best look to your content. Alongside these, another amazing feature is that it is very easy to edit.

Need to change a part of your text? Just place your cursor and start typing! Need to enter a piece of text? Copy it and simply paste it in the place you want. You are always just a few clicks away from entering or removing an image, a table or a chart! So, if you want to build up content from scratch, undoubtedly, you should go with the Word format. Even if you think, you need a lot of edits of rearrangement of the contents in a file, you will be the happiest if it is in Word.

A setback for Word format!

Though Word format does wonder to document styling, if you expect to carry every bit of the formatting of your file to every device- Word is not a very reliable format. If you are a regular user of Word, you must have seen that there are cases, the formatting of a document in one device appreciably changes when you view it in another device. You cannot expect that the styling of your Word document will be intact anywhere and everywhere.

Balancing between PDF and Word format is the best way!

Since, both PDF and Word have its amazing features sided by its set of drawbacks, you may be wondering, which is the best format for you?

There's no single format that can meet all your needs. So you should be ready to switch from one format to another. Get the best features from the formats and avoid stepping into the disadvantageous part. Switching between PDF and Word can meet up almost all your requirements.

If you want to build up content with amazing styling, start with the Word format, and when you need to go for transferring, you can convert the Word document to PDF format so that you can hold on to the formats and the quality of your document. If you have got a file in PDF which you want to edit, you can convert the PDF to Word file before you start rearranging and making the changes. Likewise, you get the advantage of both the formats!

How to convert PDF to Word

Now you must be thinking of how to convert PDF to Word and vise versa. This is not a task to freak out. It's easier than most of the tasks you do! Now, we will see how you can convert PDF to Word in the best way.

Convert your documents in minimum time!

Now, when you know how essential it is to convert PDF to Word, let's see how easy it is to do it. Easy is the word for Convertfaster.com. If you want to convert your PDF to Word, Convertfaster is the best platform for you. Here, we have a highly advanced PDF to Word converter to help you out with easy conversions.

Whether you are professional with a bulk of PDF files or a casual user with one or two PDFs for conversion, Convertfatser is the best place for you. Here, millions of users convert their files from PDF to Word and are highly satisfied. Do you know what's more exciting? Every conversion, whatever be the number, is free!

Why would you choose us?

Convertfaster brings to you the most advanced PDF to Word converter which is capable of converting your PDF, whatever be the size, in a few seconds. Though we convert your files in the minimum time, we don't compromise with the quality of converted documents we give you.

With our PDF to Word converter, you get to see no distortions or part of your document missing in the Word file you get from us. We believe that technology is for everyone, whether you are a techie or not. Even with no knowledge of conversions, you will not miss out on anything with us. We just need a few clicks from your side to convert your PDF to Word. And for everything, we don't charge you anything.

You may be wondering if you are safe with us. We assure you, we do everything to protect your privacy. We know how important your files are and we respect that. Once you are done with your conversions, we permanently delete the files you uploaded along with the converted files. Thus, you are completely safe with us.

So, get the best from PDF to Word converter we have and give a smarter way to your life. If you are converting your files with us, you need not download or install any software for conversion. We convert PDF to Word online. So whichever platform you are in, if you have an internet connection, then you are all good to go! So why wait longer? Lets us see how to convert PDF to Word in a few clicks.

The few steps for your conversion:

Step 1: Step into our website, Convertfaster:

To set out for a bulk of conversions with our amazing PDF to Word converter you need to first step into our website.

how to convert pdf to word online free


Step 2: Get to the document converter:

Make sure you are in our document converter. Our home page, by default, hosts the audio converters. But there, you will also see our tab for ‘Document Converter’.


 converting pdf to word document


Step 3: Choosing the right converter for your conversion:

Once you have stepped into our document converter, you will see that there are many types of converters. Don't get confused. Along with PDF to Word conversions, we provide conversions for other formats too. To convert PDF to Word you need to click on the tab 'PDF to Word'.

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Step 4: Uploading the file:

After you choose our PDF to Word converter, you need to upload the file you want to convert. For that, you should click on Upload to browse and choose the document from your device.

Step 5: Just click on Convert!

Once you have uploaded your file to our converter, you are almost done! Just click on the Convert button and sit back to relax. We will take a moment to convert your file from PDF to Word. Once we are done, we will take you to a new page where you can download the file we converted for you.

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Yes, it is that easy! Conversions are that easy when you choose us for assisting you. Just a few clicks and you get the converted files. We believe that to bring everyone under the light of technology, we must keep things simple. Technologies are developing for making lives easier, and we don't believe complicating it for no reason.

With us, you get the easiest ways. Not only do we convert PDF to Word, but we also bring to you other converters to deal with various formats. Do explore them, and experience the quality of our work for every domain. Be a part of our millions of satisfied, regular users.

Let us be a part of your journey to excellence and guide you through the smartest way. We aim to make advanced technology a part of your life by bringing up free PDF to Word converter along with other document converters.





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