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March 22, 2020

How to Convert PDF to Word Online Free

Have you noticed how everything has got a new dimension with the advancement of the technologies? A decade back, documents were just a bunch of papers typed or handwritten and then pinned up serially. Today, with a laptop or a tab in hand, do you still think of documents in the same way?

With the start of the digital era, we have enclosed our documents in the sleek screens of our devices. High portability and easy edits have appealed people across the world to shift from papers to digital screens. In brief, the ever-growing technology has brought us several ways in which we can have our documents.

Thus, we got to see the advent of numerous formats for digital documents. Among a variety of formats, even if you are not a techie person, you have surely heard of the PDF format and the Doc format. You deal with these formats every day and inter-convert them to get the best of these. If you convert PDF to Word, you surely know where the glitches lie.

But if you are new in this conversion activity, don't worry! We will start with the basics so that you can smoothly get every bit of a regular user knows.

What are PDFs?

Portable Document Format is abbreviated as PDF, and the name rightly indicates its functionality. If you have used unique text formats or raster images in your document, the PDF format will surely store that, in whichever device you are viewing it. Even if the device you are using doesn't support the font or the styling in the document, don't worry! The PDF format will hold on to the original format and put that up for you.

So, whichever device you are on, you will get to see your document without any device manipulation. The PDF format also gives encryption and the much-needed scope for digital signature along with support to file attachments. So, you can very well understand how amazing the format is!

Where PDFs are a must?

In today's day, millions of documents are transferred from one device to another through wired or wireless networks every second. You may have noticed that in formats other than PDF when you transfer a file, the quality of the contents of your document sometimes falls. You can very well mark the difference between the original document and the transferred copy if it has a lot of images. Of course, the quality of the images falls. This is a visible deterioration and hence we all worry about that. But a techie can also find out the invisible deteriorations.

If you are using the PDF for transferring your document, the format will maintain every bit of the quality of your document without any failure. So whether you are a techie or not, there's no reason you should not opt for the format. Other than transferring, if you want to ensure that every format or vector graphics remain unaltered in every device, PDF is your best choice.

Is PDF all good and no bad?

Now, this is a tricky question. Every format has its pros and cons. So does PDF. You can have the best preservation of your file style and content in PDF, but if you want easy editing of your content in PDF, then you are in a bit of trouble. In PDF, you cannot set the cursor in the place you want to change and start typing or put in anything by a simple click. There are a series of steps before you can start editing the file.

If you are thinking of rearranging the contents of a PDF, PDF is not the best format. It is not that, you can't do that, but there are many formats where you can easily do these with a click or two. So why not get to them? Do you know what is the best format for making very easy edits and rearrangements? It is the doc format. The Word files are the best for these.

What is Word?

Every one of us is familiar with Word. Whether you are a regular user of digital documents or get it once in a while - you know about Word. The word documents are specialized for plain text. With extensive types of text fonts and styles, you can't deny, that with Word you can do wonders to your contents! Not only do you get to deal with plain text, but Word also allows you to insert vivid images, tables, charts, and many more in a few clicks for giving the best look to your content. Alongside these, another amazing feature is that it is very easy to edit.

Need to change a part of your text? Just place your cursor and start typing! Need to enter a piece of text? Copy it and simply paste it in the place you want. You are always just a few clicks away from entering or removing an image, a table or a chart! So, if you want to build up content from scratch, undoubtedly, you should go with the Word format. Even if you think, you need a lot of edits of rearrangement of the contents in a file, you will be the happiest if it is in Word.

A setback for Word format!

Though Word format does wonder to document styling, if you expect to carry every bit of the formatting of your file to every device- Word is not a very reliable format. If you are a regular user of Word, you must have seen that there are cases, the formatting of a document in one device appreciably changes when you view it in another device. You cannot expect that the styling of your Word document will be intact anywhere and everywhere.

Balancing between PDF and Word format is the best way!

Since, both PDF and Word have its amazing features sided by its set of drawbacks, you may be wondering, which is the best format for you?

There's no single format that can meet all your needs. So you should be ready to switch from one format to another. Get the best features from the formats and avoid stepping into the disadvantageous part. Switching between PDF and Word can meet up almost all your requirements.

If you want to build up content with amazing styling, start with the Word format, and when you need to go for transferring, you can convert the Word document to PDF format so that you can hold on to the formats and the quality of your document. If you have got a file in PDF which you want to edit, you can convert the PDF to Word file before you start rearranging and making the changes. Likewise, you get the advantage of both the formats!

How to convert PDF to Word

Now you must be thinking of how to convert PDF to Word and vise versa. This is not a task to freak out. It's easier than most of the tasks you do! Now, we will see how you can convert PDF to Word in the best way.

Convert your documents in minimum time!

Now, when you know how essential it is to convert PDF to Word, let's see how easy it is to do it. Easy is the word for Convertfaster.com. If you want to convert your PDF to Word, Convertfaster is the best platform for you. Here, we have a highly advanced PDF to Word converter to help you out with easy conversions.

Whether you are professional with a bulk of PDF files or a casual user with one or two PDFs for conversion, Convertfatser is the best place for you. Here, millions of users convert their files from PDF to Word and are highly satisfied. Do you know what's more exciting? Every conversion, whatever be the number, is free!

Why would you choose us?

Convertfaster brings to you the most advanced PDF to Word converter which is capable of converting your PDF, whatever be the size, in a few seconds. Though we convert your files in the minimum time, we don't compromise with the quality of converted documents we give you.

With our PDF to Word converter, you get to see no distortions or part of your document missing in the Word file you get from us. We believe that technology is for everyone, whether you are a techie or not. Even with no knowledge of conversions, you will not miss out on anything with us. We just need a few clicks from your side to convert your PDF to Word. And for everything, we don't charge you anything.

You may be wondering if you are safe with us. We assure you, we do everything to protect your privacy. We know how important your files are and we respect that. Once you are done with your conversions, we permanently delete the files you uploaded along with the converted files. Thus, you are completely safe with us.

So, get the best from PDF to Word converter we have and give a smarter way to your life. If you are converting your files with us, you need not download or install any software for conversion. We convert PDF to Word online. So whichever platform you are in, if you have an internet connection, then you are all good to go! So why wait longer? Lets us see how to convert PDF to Word in a few clicks.

The few steps for your conversion:

Step 1: Step into our website, Convertfaster:

To set out for a bulk of conversions with our amazing PDF to Word converter you need to first step into our website.

how to convert pdf to word online free


Step 2: Get to the document converter:

Make sure you are in our document converter. Our home page, by default, hosts the audio converters. But there, you will also see our tab for ‘Document Converter’.


 converting pdf to word document


Step 3: Choosing the right converter for your conversion:

Once you have stepped into our document converter, you will see that there are many types of converters. Don't get confused. Along with PDF to Word conversions, we provide conversions for other formats too. To convert PDF to Word you need to click on the tab 'PDF to Word'.

pdf to word


Step 4: Uploading the file:

After you choose our PDF to Word converter, you need to upload the file you want to convert. For that, you should click on Upload to browse and choose the document from your device.

Step 5: Just click on Convert!

Once you have uploaded your file to our converter, you are almost done! Just click on the Convert button and sit back to relax. We will take a moment to convert your file from PDF to Word. Once we are done, we will take you to a new page where you can download the file we converted for you.

from pdf to word converter


Yes, it is that easy! Conversions are that easy when you choose us for assisting you. Just a few clicks and you get the converted files. We believe that to bring everyone under the light of technology, we must keep things simple. Technologies are developing for making lives easier, and we don't believe complicating it for no reason.

With us, you get the easiest ways. Not only do we convert PDF to Word, but we also bring to you other converters to deal with various formats. Do explore them, and experience the quality of our work for every domain. Be a part of our millions of satisfied, regular users.

Let us be a part of your journey to excellence and guide you through the smartest way. We aim to make advanced technology a part of your life by bringing up free PDF to Word converter along with other document converters.


So, now that we have explored the way to convert PDF to Word, let’s navigate more into what else we can convert at Convertfaster.com

1. Convert Word to PDF

Are you looking for the best platform for converting your bulk of Word files to PDF? If you are in Convertfaster, your search surely ends with us. Before seeing how Convertfaster can be your best buddy for conversions, let us learn a bit about the document formats- Word and PDF.

Why these formats are important?

If you are dealing with digital documents day and night, you know how important these formats are. But if you are new to the world of digital documents, with us, you will know the importance in a few moments.

Do you want to have a document where you are just a click away from making any changes? Do you want to try on some of the best stylings to makes your document attractive? If so, you are surely going to opt for the Word format. Easy edits paired with easy insertion of pictures, charts, and graphs will surely make you go for Word document.

So, it's no wonder that content creators have a bulk of Word files in their device. But if you are thinking of transferring your document from your device to other devices, PDF is the format for you. If you have a document in PDF format, you can expect that you will be able to present your document in the way you created it.

PDF format preserves the styling, image quality, font, and many more, which make your document stand out in the crowd. Even if you have some important data in your document, you can be sure that they will reach the receiver just in the way you had put it in your document.

Word or PDF- Which is the best?

You cannot claim anyone to be the best. Word and PDF, both have their exclusive features which have brought a revolution in the world of digital documents. So, the best way is to switch between PDF and Word formats for getting the best out of every format. If you think converting Word to PDF is a treacherous job- wait for a moment. We will show you how easy it can be.

How we can help you?

Convertfaster hosts high technology converters which take only a few seconds to convert your documents in Word to PDF. Our Word to PDF converter is fully online, and hence you need not install anything for getting the best from us. You may have any operating system, but if you have an internet connection, we are with you. We don't bring in the hassles of signing up or logging in with us. With us, you can convert your documents free of cost. For all these, you just need to follow few simple steps. Let's see what are they.

Steps for converting:

Step 1: Visit our website to explore.

word to pdf converter

Step 2: Click on the Document Converters to access our converters

pdf to word converter


Step 3: Choose Word to PDF converters from our list

pdf to word

Step 4: Upload your document from your device by clicking on the ‘Choose file’.

pdf to word4


Step 5: Click on the Convert button and we will take you to the download page once we are done converting.

word to pdf how to


Step 6: Click on download to get the PDF version of your document.

to pdf to word online



2. Excel to PDF Converter

In the modern world, data have become a very important part of managing everything. If you handle a lot of data, you must be doing it in Excel. Excel is the easiest way to store the data and perform various mathematical operations to manipulate and maintain the data you have.

So, it's not surprising that you may have a bulk of excel sheets holding highly valuable information. But if you freak out every time you think of converting them to PDF, you should go Excel to PDF converter online.

Why converting to PDF is so essential?

You must be knowing that PDF is the best format for transferring files. If you want to transfer Excel sheets and ensure that whichever device it is in, there should be no distortion, you surely need to go for PDF.

How we help you with conversions?

By now, you must have understood how important is it to convert your Excel sheet to PDF. To meet this necessity, we have brought Excel to PDF converter for our millions of users. Our converters convert your document from Excel to PDF in a blink of time without charging you anything.

With us, you get everything free of cost. So, step in with us to discover the light of technology for a smarter life. We don't store your data, nor do we trade it. We know how important your document is for you. Once you are done with us, we delete everything permanently. So, you need not worry about your security when you are with us.

We neither ask you to create an account with us. We believe that for converting documents, your details are not important. So remain hassle-free with no sign-ups and logins. Just step into our websites and follow some simple steps to get the best conversions.

Whether you are professional or want conversion for your requirements, we are always ready to assist you. Now let us see how just a few clicks can make document conversion easiest for you.

Steps to Convert Excel to PDF:

Step 1: Visit our website to find the converter you want.

Step 3: We have a wide range of converters for users with different needs. Find the tab for Excel to PDF and click on it to enter the converter.

Step 4: Upload your file to us by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ tab. You can browse throughout your device folders to choose the Excel file you want to convert.

Step 5: The last thing you need to do for the conversion is to click on the Convert button. We will take a few seconds to convert the Excel sheet to PDF. Once we are done, we will take you to the download page.

Step 6: Click on the Download button and get the PDF version of your document.

These few steps will yield flawlessly converted files that are bound to impress you. So why wait longer? Let's start the journey to a smart life together.

3. Convert PowerPoint to PDF

If you have a bulk of slides and want them to convert to PDF, you must be in search of a reliable converter that can correctly convert every slide you have without bringing in any distortions? In the search, if you have found Convertfaster, then you are very lucky! We at Convertfaster, take care that when you convert with our resources, you get nothing but the best. So, before we step into our exclusive PowerPoint to PDF converter, let us learn a bit of technicality.


What is PowerPoint?

You must have seen that people like to go with presentations when they speak out to other people. These presentations are made of a series of slides. PowerPoint allows you to create ravishing slides to engage the crowd you are speaking to.

So, if you want to work with presentations, PowerPoint is the best format for you. With PowerPoint, you not only get to create slides, but you can also set the timings for running the presentation at a particular pace without your interference. Thus, millions of people use PowerPoint for building slides.

Why should we convert the presentations to PDF?

The obvious answer is for the file transfer. If you don't want to miss out on any styling you have used in the slides, PDF is a rescue to you. But are you thinking about how to get the PDF of your Presentation? The answer is by document conversion.

Do you freak out every time you hear the word conversion of documents just because you are not a technical person? If you choose us, the conversion will be the easiest task for you, even if you are not a techie. Let's see, how can we make things easier.

Step 1: For using our converters you need to visit our website.

Step 2: Our home page, by default, will take you into the Audio converter. Click on the Document converter tab to find the converters you will need.

Step 3: Once you are into the document converter, you will find many converters. For converting PowerPoint to PDF, you need to click on PowerPoint to PDF tab which will take you into the converter.

Step 4: When you are into the converter, you will find the option of Uploading the file. Browse through the folders of your device and upload the file you want to convert.

Step 5: The last step for you is to click on the Convert tab. Give us some time to convert your file. We promise to take the minimum time from you. Once we are done, you will find yourself in a new page from where you can download the converted file free of cost.

Converting documents with Convertfaster is the easiest and the safest. We don't compromise with your safety, and we do that by permanently removing your files. If you choose us, we would never ask you to install any software for converting documents, whatever be the quantity or size of your PowerPoint files. We convert your files online and without any sign-ups from you. So don't wait anymore! Get the best converters at your fingertips.

4.  OpenOffice to PDF conversion.

If you are working with documents in OpenOffice, you must know that though OpenOffice gives you the best platform for all types of productivity tools. But if you are using OpenOffice, we surely know that you are in search of a converter to handle the exclusive formats of the same. Convertfaster brings to you free and online OpenOffice to PDF converter, so that you are never stuck with your format. Before we move on with our details, we would like you to check with us if you know the wonders OpenOffice can do.

OpenOffice comes with a collection of productivity tools that would assist you in with every task you need to do to get your digital document ready for any purpose. Want to work with spreadsheets for data handling? Do you need slides for giving an outstanding presentation? OpenOffice gives you everything for these. Need a tool for handling your business drawing? Simply opt for OpenOffice. OpenOffice comes with ODT, ODS, or ODP formats.

But why do you need to convert your OpenOffice documents to PDF?

We all know how popular PDF format is today! Is there hardly any device that does not support PDF? If you don't want to enter in support issues of various devices, it would be best if you transfer your OpenOffice documents to PDF before you transfer them to other devices. Other than overcoming support issues, PDF preserves the formats you used in your document in the best possible way.

So, if you are eager to ensure that your documents reach every device in the way you view it in your device, PDF is your best choice. However, are you worried because you are not a technical person? Do you think only a techie can convert OpenOffice documents to PDF? Well, if you are with Convertfaster, you are wrong! Let us see how!

How we help you to convert your OpenOffice to PDF?

When you choose us for converting your documents from OpenOffice to PDF, we promise not to disappoint you. With us, you get a highly advanced OpenOffice to PDF converter which converts your office documents in ODT, ODS, or ODP formats to PDF in no time. We care for your safety and don't hold back your data.

Let us see how simply you can convert your documents from OpenOffice to PDF.

Steps to your converted document!

Step 1: The first step is, of course, getting into our website.

Step 2: Choose our Document Converter

Step 3: Get to the OpenOffice to PDF tab to get the converter you need.

Step 4: Upload your document by browsing your device folders.

Step 5: Click on the Convert tab and wait for us to convert your document.

Step 6: We will take you to the download page from where you can download the converted document.

And that's all! Choose Convertfaster as your conversion buddy and let us assist you with our best converter.


5.  Convert PDF to Image

There is no wonder why you have folders full of PDF! But are you feeling stuck with the format and want to convert some of them to Images? Convertfaster brings to you highly advanced PDF to image online converter fully free! So, don't feel stuck with formats when you have Convertfaster by your side. Let us assist you to make your daily life easier by converting your documents in the least time.

How Convertfaster help you out?

If you deal with many image files, you surely know that image files can be of many formats. Out of them JPG and PNG are the most common converter. Convertfaster converts your PDF to both formats.

We convert all your PDFs to images free of cost, but we don't compromise with the quality of our service. We convert your PDF to images of high quality, without any miss outs or distortion. To get the best conversions there is no reason why you should not go for Convertfaster.

So, how do you convert using our resources?

Step 1: Get to our website to explore our converters.

Step 2: Choose Document Converter from our home page.

Step 3: You will get to see several converters. Choose PDF to Image converter for your purpose.

Step 4: Once you choose the converter you want, we will take you into it. Upload the PDF you want to convert by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button.

pdf to jpg how to

Step 6: Click on the Convert button and give us a few seconds to get the document you want.

Step 7: Once we are done download your document from the download page, we will take you to.

These few steps will give you the image files you need. Tons of users across the world use our converter and find satisfaction in our service. We hope you will too find the same with no exception.


6.  Convert Image to PDF

If you have a collection of images and you are always in search of a converter that would convert your favorite pictures to PDF, then your search has ended with Convertfaster. Convertfaster brings exclusive document converters to make conversions a cakewalk for you.

We don't want all our users to be technical experts to follow our converters. So we have built our converter with the best user interface so that you can easily use them. Let us find out how converting images to PDF is essential for us.

Why people convert images to PDF?

We all value images for its quality. Do you like a blurred image? No one likes it. So people do the utmost to maintain the quality of their favorite images. We go out for high tech cameras to capture our memories in the best way.

But would you like, the images which mean a lot to you to reach your loved ones with a degraded quality? Even if you are thinking of images for official purposes, can you compromise with its quality? It is surely no!

To protect your images from degrading over transfers, we opt for converting them to PDFs. Converting your images to PDF not only safeguards the image quality, but it also keeps all the images in one single document with higher memory efficiency. So there's no reason why you should not choose to convert your images to PDF. Do you think converting images to PDF is a tedious work? Well, if you choose Convertfaster, it is not! Let us have a look, how.

Why are we the best choice for you?

Convertfaster has a collection of converters with which you can convert from almost any format of a document to any other format. Among our exclusive collection, we have the image to PDF converter. With our image to PDF converter, you can convert any number of images of any quality, and we promise to keep up the image quality.

For all these, we don't ask you to pay a single buck. If you are worried about your security with us, we assure you that you are completely safe. We respect the privacy of your document and hence do not keep them with us once you are done. So, is there any reason why you should not choose us?

Now let us take you through the steps for converting your images to PDF.

Steps to convert your images:

Step 1: You need to visit our website.

Step 2: Choose our Document Converter to get into the Image to PDF converter.

Step 3: Click on Image to PDF tab to get into the converter you need.

Step 4: Upload your image file by browsing through your files.

Step 5: In our converter, you can upload only one document at a time. So if you want to put in more than one image in the PDF document, you should click on the '+' sign to add more images.

Step 6: Once you are done uploading all the images you want, click on the Convert tab.

convert image to pdf


Step 7: We will take you to the download page once we are done converting your images to a PDF file.

And that's all! So don't wait any longer to try out our Image to PDF converter free of cost.

We also deal with audio conversions. If you have a bulk of audio files for conversion you can always try our audio converters without any hesitation. Every converter we have are free of cost. Thus, your wait for the best converters ends here.

So, step in with us to find the best way to convert all your files. We don't want you to get stuck with just one format in this era of flexibility. So, be a part of our huge user community to get nothing but the best without a bill in your hand.








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