Written by : Satyam Maitrai

May 7, 2020

How To Convert PowerPoint to PDF

If you have a bulk of slides and want them to convert to PDF, you must be in search of a reliable converter that can correctly convert every slide you have without bringing in any distortions? In the search, if you have found Convertfaster, then you are very lucky! We at Convertfaster, take care that when you convert with our resources, you get nothing but the best. So, before we step into our exclusive PowerPoint to PDF converter, let us learn a bit of technicality.

What is PowerPoint?

You must have seen that people like to go with presentations when they speak out to other people. These presentations are made of a series of slides. PowerPoint allows you to create ravishing slides to engage the crowd you are speaking to.

So, if you want to work with presentations, PowerPoint is the best format for you. With PowerPoint, you not only get to create slides, but you can also set the timings for running the presentation at a particular pace without your interference. Thus, millions of people use PowerPoint for building slides.

Why should we convert the presentations to PDF?

The obvious answer is for the file transfer. If you don't want to miss out on any styling you have used in the slides, PDF is a rescue to you. But are you thinking about how to get the PDF of your Presentation? The answer is by document conversion.

Do you freak out every time you hear the word conversion of documents just because you are not a technical person? If you choose us, the conversion will be the easiest task for you, even if you are not a techie. Let's see, how can we make things easier.

Step 1: For  Converting PowerPoint to PDF you need to visit our  website.



Step 2: Our home page, by default, will take you into the Audio converter. Click on the Document converter tab to find the converters you will need.



Step 3: Once you are into the document converter, you will find many converters.

For converting PowerPoint to PDF, you need to click on PowerPoint to PDF tab which will take you into the converter.



Step 4: When you are into the converter, you will find the option of Uploading the file. Browse through the folders of your device and upload the file you want to convert.



Step 5: The last step for you is to click on the Convert tab. Give us some time to convert your file. We promise to take the minimum time from you. Once we are done, you will find yourself in a new page from where you can download the converted file free of cost.


Converting documents with Convertfaster is the easiest and the safest. We don't compromise with your safety, and we do that by permanently removing your files. If you choose us, we would never ask you to install any software for converting documents, whatever be the quantity or size of your PowerPoint files. We convert your files online and without any sign-ups from you. So don't wait anymore! Get the best converters at your fingertips.




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