Written by : by Satyam Maitrai

Feb. 25, 2020

How to Convert WAV to MP3?

WAV are the audio files that are played by multimedia playback software. A commonly used software is Windows Media Player. It contains sounds such as spoken words, music, as well as other sound effects.

Similar to WAV, MP3 files are also audio files and contain all kinds of sounds.

 So, what's the difference between WAV and MP3?

In comparison to MP3 files, WAV files are large as they do not use any form of lossy compression. MP3 format on the other hand allows a large number of sounds to be stored in it. MP3 formats allow soundtracks to reduce to about 10th of their normal size without having any much loss in quality.

Also, the reason for using MP3 over WAV is that its audio files are too large to travel over the internet if the speed is slow.

Why convert WAV TO MP3?

We need to convert WAV into MP3 as the size of the WAV files are much larger and takes up a lot of space and time to download as there is no lossy compression in WAV. Whereas in the MP3 format the size is reduced and also it enables us to download and store hundreds of songs in a CD.

How to Convert WAV to MP3?

Convertfaster.com is the most widely used and best online free MP3 converter that can be used to convert the WAV files to MP3 format. Our platform allows a user to convert audio and video files supporting different formats to MP3. Convertfaster.com doesn't need any software installations as the conversions take place online. Also, the process is very quick and easy with minimum consumption of time with fewer efforts.

Convertfaster.com, is so far, the safest as not only we eliminate the need to install any third-party tool to your desktop or laptop, but we also delete your files permanently, once the conversion is over.  Also, our interface is totally free to use and has an easy user interface.

The conversion of WAV to MP3 format happens within seconds-

The WAV files were created by IBM and Microsoft containing effects, music and voice recordings. The programs that we use in our PCs or MAC such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc. are multimedia playback systems that are capable enough to open and play WAV files. They are quite large as compared to MP3 files, but by using the Convertfaster.com, the WAV files can be converted into MP3 files in no time.

The steps are very simple-

Step1- Navigate to our website Convertfaster.com


Step 2- Go to the converter

Step 3- Click on choose file and select the desired file.

Step 4- Now, click on convert.

Step 5 – Download the converted file with a click without paying anything.

Once you are done, as we mentioned earlier too, we will immediately delete all your uploaded and converted files for protecting your privacy. We along with our team have been helping a large chunk of people battling with file formats across the web and we would always love to ease your hassles too. So, come to leverage the power of technology with Convertfaster.com



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