Written by : by Satyam Maitrai

Feb. 29, 2020

How to convert WhatsApp audio to MP3?

With WhatsApp getting integrated day by day with our life, you may have a bulk of WhatsApp audio on your phone. If you want them to convert into MP3, then Covertfaster.com is certainly the best option you can have. We use high-tech converters to convert audio files from one format to another.

So, if you are in search of a hassle-free and easy to use converter then you are just in the right place. Convertfaster converts your WhatsApp audio to the most versatile format, MP3, in no time. Whether you are a professional or want to convert files for personal use, Convertfaster is always here to assist you in getting the best.

What is behind the WhatsApp audio files?

Initially, WhatsApp audios were in AAC format. But now WhatsApp supports Opus format for audio transfer. Opus is an audio file format that is developed by internet streaming and supports bit rates ranging from 6 kbps to 510 kbps. So, if you have a playlist of voice messages from WhatsApp, they are likely to be in Opus format.

Why convert WhatsApp file to MP3?

MP3 file format remains one of the most favorite among the users who don't like to compromise with audio quality. If you are one of them, then you must be in search of the best converters for your WhatsApp audio files. We believe you don't need to be technically sound to enjoy the audio quality you love. Hence, we have framed our user interface keeping in mind the ease of our users. You just need to follow a few simple steps to get the MP3 version of your favorite WhatsApp audios.

The steps to follow to get your MP3 most easily-

Just follow the following few steps to get your file ready-

Step 1: Visit our website

Whenever you are in need of an audio conversion step into our website.


whatsapp to mp3


Step 2: Click on the right converter.

Once you are on our website you will find different types of tabs. Choose the Audio to the MP3 tab. That's the converter you will need.


how to convert whatsapp audio into mp3

Step 3: The step of Uploading

Once you are into the right converter, you need to upload your WhatsApp audio file by clicking on the Choose File tab.


whatsapp audio to mp3 converter


Step 4: Let us do the conversion

Click on the Convert button and give us a bit of your time. We will convert your WhatsApp files in the minimum time and present you with the downloadable MP3 file. You can then download the file to your device without paying us anything.


convert whatsapp to mp3


With Convertfasters not only you get free service, but you are also safe. We know that your files are confidential and hence we do not store your file or its converted version. Once you have downloaded the files, we make sure to delete both the files.

So, stay safe with us and convert all your files without any worry. We work day and night to enlighten everyone's life with the light of modern technology without asking a penny. So be a part of us and let us serve you with nothing but the best.

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