Written by : Satyam Maitrai

May 6, 2020

How To Convert Word to PDF

Are you looking for the best platform for converting your bulk of Word files to PDF? If you are in Convertfaster, your search surely ends with us. Before seeing how Convertfaster can be your best buddy for conversions, let us learn a bit about the document formats- Word and PDF.

Why these formats are important?

If you are dealing with digital documents day and night, you know how important these formats are. But if you are new to the world of digital documents, with us, you will know the importance in a few moments.

Do you want to have a document where you are just a click away from making any changes? Do you want to try on some of the best stylings to makes your document attractive? If so, you are surely going to opt for the Word format. Easy edits paired with easy insertion of pictures, charts, and graphs will surely make you go for Word document.

So, it's no wonder that content creators have a bulk of Word files in their device. But if you are thinking of transferring your document from your device to other devices, PDF is the format for you. If you have a document in PDF format, you can expect that you will be able to present your document in the way you created it.

PDF format preserves the styling, image quality, font, and many more, which make your document stand out in the crowd. Even if you have some important data in your document, you can be sure that they will reach the receiver just in the way you had put it in your document.

Word or PDF- Which is the best?

You cannot claim anyone to be the best. Word and PDF, both have their exclusive features which have brought a revolution in the world of digital documents. So, the best way is to switch between PDF and Word formats for getting the best out of every format. If you think converting Word to PDF is a treacherous job- wait for a moment. We will show you how easy it can be.

How we can help you?

Convertfaster hosts high technology converters which take only a few seconds to convert your documents in Word to PDF. Our Word to PDF converter is fully online, and hence you need not install anything for getting the best from us. You may have any operating system, but if you have an internet connection, we are with you. We don't bring in the hassles of signing up or logging in with us. With us, you can convert your documents free of cost. For all these, you just need to follow few simple steps. Let's see what are they.

Steps for converting Word to Pdf

Step 1: Visit our website to explore.

Step 2: Click on the Document Converters to access our converters


Step 3: Choose  Word to PDF  converters from our list


Step 4: Upload your document from your device by clicking on the ‘Choose file’.


Step 5: Click on the Convert button and we will take you to the download page once we are done converting.


Step 6: Click on download to get the PDF version of your document.


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