Written by : Muhamood Yasin

July 6, 2020

How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number?

Email ids when introduced were like a fashion symbol. It was a proud moment to say that we have a mail id. The mail ids created at that time were also very quirky and stylish. Well, but even mail ids evolved with time. Now mail ids are the need of the hour. Whether it is your office or you need any government works to be done, an email id is almost mandatory.


In fact, all your utility bills are today mailed to you to avoid the use of paper and also to avoid confusion and late bills. Important work, bills receipts, bank account statements are all scheduled and auto-generated to transfer information on your mail-id.


Now when your mail has such intimate information, the security of creating a mail id is bound to improve a lot. This also happened when people started creating fake ids for fun or their wrongdoings. It is this regard, that now to create a mail id, you’re required to enter personal details and of course your phone number too.


But what if you want to create a Gmail account without giving out your phone number. Is it possible?


Sometimes multiple accounts need to be created on Gmail and you don’t want all of them to be linked to your phone number. Moreover, if the ids are being used for sale purposes or official use, you don’t want your personal information to be breached.


So, it is advisable to create Gmail accounts that do not authenticate a phone number when creating a new account. It is not as tough as it sounds. There are ways in which Gmail allows us to create ids without having to enter our phone number.


It is a very simple method and you can instantly create a Gmail id without having to give your phone number for verification.


So, let’s start learning the procedure.


A step by step guide on how to create a Gmail account without a phone number?


When you open a normal Gmail account from your computer, it asks you for your name, unique mail id, password, and phone number. Once you provide all of these, your Gmail account is created. However, creating a Gmail account that does not require a mobile number is slightly different.


For that setup, just follow the steps mentioned below:


1. Open the Gmail app on your phone or desktop.


2. Then on the top right-hand corner click on the account that has been signed in.


3. It will show a drop-down of various accounts that are accessed by Gmail on the same device. Herein you will have to click on ‘add another account’.

how to create gmail account without phone number



4. Once that is done it will redirect you to the page to enter your Gmail id. On this page, you will notice a link saying ‘create account’. Click on it.

opening gmail account without phone number


5. Once you click the same – you will see a prompt asking whether want to create the id for yourself or to manage your business, click “For myself”, and it will then ask you to enter your name, DOB, and a new id. Now make sure that this name, surname & id is completely unique and have never been used before- as only then will this method work.


6. Then it will ask you to create a password.


7. Once you create the password, it will redirect you to the page which will ask you to enter your phone number for security purposes. But you can easily skip this step by simply clicking on the Skip button.



8. Then you have to follow the basic steps like agree to the terms and conditions, etc. Once all is validated by Google, you will see your new mail id added under the ‘accounts’ settings.

easy opening new account with account


So, following these steps, Gmail will allow you to skip entering the phone number. The only criteria are that the name and id should be really unique. This is by far the most successful step used to create a Gmail account without a phone number.


Are there other alternatives too?


Yes, there are alternate ways too to create the Gmail id without a phone number. But they are not foolproof and we would always recommend you to stick to the one we just discussed.


One of the other procedures is to like or comment on a YouTube video on Youtube.com. YouTube will then ask you to sign in with a Gmail id. You can create a new one from the link which says create a new account. This link helps in setting up a new account on Gmail. And chances are that it will not ask to authenticate with a phone number.


Similarly, if you are a minor that is less than 18 years, Google is unlikely to ask for a phone number. But be careful, as lying about your personal details is also a cybercrime. You should never create fake ids with fake genders and ages.


Let’s also discuss the benefits of having a phone number


Seeing the rise in security breaches these days, it is advisable to have a phone number linked to the account. The phone number provides proper security to the id and your personal information is safe. If you provide your phone number you can easily retrieve a password if you forget one.


Plus, you get instantly notified if someone has logged in with your Gmail account from anywhere else on an unknown device. In fact, if you authenticate your phone number your email id cannot be opened on any other device unless you provide the OTP or approve the digital entrance. So, use the method of not entering the phone number only when it is truly necessary because it is difficult to trace things otherwise.


Thanks to the regular updates on Gmail, you can now access all your ids by adding the accounts to your Gmail app without entering the password again and again. It makes work really easy on your personal device. Always remember never to save passwords on a public or unknown device. Because they are stored on clouds and are then easy to be retrieved. Also, make sure to change your passwords regularly for strong security.


To conclude,


Whether you link your phone number or not, once you create the mail id with Gmail you are all set to go. And yes, once you create a mail id without phone number and later change your mind, there are options available to link the id to the phone number by simply going into settings and authenticating it. You can also give a back-up email id to retrieve the password if forgotten or to get notified of a security breach.


Hope you enjoyed learning the ways to create a Gmail account without entering your phone number. See you soon with another insightful blog.


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