Written by : Muhamood Yasin

July 5, 2020

How to delete Google search history?

Life without the internet seems to be impossible. Even the daily chores are not possible without internet connectivity. Gone are those days when an alarm clock used to wake you up, now it is all about the internet doing things. No brainstorming, nothing. If you want an answer to a question all you need to do is just google it.


Google is the answer to every simple to complicated question these days and is thus the best search engine to date and there is no doubt about that.


But when you Google each and everything, your search history is bound to be filled with infinite pages. These pages also include cache and automatically downloaded files that are stored in your device memory and tend to slow down your system or phone.


So, it is necessary to clean your phone or laptop memory of these history pages once in a while. The steps are really easy. Today, we will guide you on how to delete Google search history especially from your android phone, apple phone, and desktop.


This article provides the detailed steps of deleting the Google search history along with cache and other details that take space in the computer’s memory. Also, there are steps that allow you to delete partially and keep the important files.


So, let’s start.


Step by step guide on how to delete Google search history on an android phone?


1. On your phone, open Chrome, or the browser which you use to browse data.


2. On the right hand, in the top corner, there is an option for the MORE button (three vertical dots) in the case of chrome. So, just click on ‘more’.

first step to How to delete Google search history



  3. There on the menu, you will notice an option as “History”, simply click on that, and you will now be taken to an option as ‘Clear browsing data’. Click on that.


guide to delete google history


4. Now once you click on ‘Clear browsing data’ it will take you to a page with 3 option Browsing history, Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files.


You can now either delete the entire history to date (by checking the “Browsing history’ and then clicking on “clear data”) or can check the other options to accordingly delete the cookies or files. You can even manually delete pages individually from a particular time range.


how to clear browsing data


By doing this, you have saved a lot of space on your phone and got rid of unwanted junk that was slowing down your phone.


Next, let’s explore on how to delete Google search history on an iPhone?


The procedure is almost similar to android, however, let’s have a quick brief on it.


1. Open the Google on your iPhone- we are considering Chrome browser for illustration.


2. In the right-hand corner at the bottom, there will be a MORE button. Click on more.


 3. It will take you to a menu page wherein you will find the ‘history’ tab.


 4. Click on history. You will now be taken to a detailed menu page and it will give you the summary of various accessed pages.


5. Click on ‘Clear browsing data’ (that you will find at the bottom left). Once you click on it, just like android phones, it will give you options such as “Browsing history, Cookies-Site Data, and Cached Images and Files.


Now you just need to check all of them (or just the Browsing history, if you only want to delete history), and then finally click on “clear browsing data” at the bottom. It will then prompt a confirmation, clicking on which will delete all your browsing history, cookies and cached images.



Lastly, let's discuss how to delete Google search history from your desktop/laptop


1. Open the chrome browser on your desktop.


2. In the right-hand corner, click on more/ settings.

delete Google search history from your desktop laptop


3. This will take you to the history page of your desktop. Herein you find options to delete the browsing history according to days and weeks of your browsing.




 4. So, just like the phone, you can manually delete the pages or choose the ‘delete all’ option.


 5. Herein you will also find the option of deleting the cache and cookies. You should delete all of these to save space on your computer.


6. On the desktop, you also have an advanced option. On the same history page, you will find the button of advanced settings. This advanced setting page gives you the entire history of your web browser. Herein you have the option of deleting stored passwords, URLs, and downloaded files as well.




So according to your purpose, you can delete the files and data.


7. To make the browser running smoothly and fast, you will have to re-launch the browser and you are all set to go.


So, following these simple procedures, you can delete the browsing history from any of your devices. The procedure is more or less the same for tablets, iPad, and desktops too. If you use a different browser there will always be an option of ‘settings’ wherein you can delete the history.


Deleting the old pages can be beneficial for your phone not only in clearing space but in other ways too. If you browse something repeatedly, due to the cache and cookies you will see repetitive results. But once you delete your browsing history along with cookies and cache, you can see newer and fresher results for the same search. Also, your browser remains up to date.


To conclude,


The temporary files can be a burden on your computer. It actually takes up disk space. So, like your closet, your browser requires timely cleaning too. But remember once the data is deleted it can never be retrieved. History will actually be history. It does not go to the recycle bin. So, make sure of what you are deleting. Be slow and steady in choosing the data that you want to delete.


Hope you have understood the ways and the importance of deleting your Google search history pages in these simple steps. See you soon with another interesting topic.




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