Written by : Satyam Maitrai

May 25, 2020

How to extract sound from a video?

When you are living in the digital era, there's no way you can avoid digital files, whether you are working with plain data or audiovisuals. Many times, you may have watched a video and realized that it is only the audio that you need. You must have wondered if you can extract audio from a video. In this advanced digital world, there's hardly a thing you can't do. The obvious question then comes to your mind is - do I need to be a techie to do so?


If you would have asked the question a few decades back, the answer could have been a yes. But today, to use the most advanced technology you hardly need to know what's running behind it, and so is the case with extracting audio from video. A few clicks and you are all good to go.


So, if you need to extract audio from video, with no hassles of software installation or the burden of payment, then this is one of the easiest tasks you would do in a day.

Are you wondering how? Stay with us to find out how converters make video-audio extract the easiest task.

1. How Convertfaster makes video- audio extraction easy?

When you are looking for a simple online converter to extract audio from a video, Convertfaster can be your best choice. Convertfaster brings to you a range of audio converters along with advanced audio extractors. You need not have even a bit of technical knowledge when you are using Convertfaster to extract audio from a video.


Convertfaster is the platform where you get one of the best audio extractions without worrying about the protection of your privacy. Below are the few steps which would give you the best quality audio from the video:

  1. Visit Convertfaster website and go to the audio converter
  2. Upload the video from where you want to extract the audio and give it a few seconds to make the audio file of the video ready for you.
  3. You can then download the file once the converter is done extracting the audio.


These simple steps are sure to give you the audio file with quality beyond your expectation. For all these, you need not pay anything. All you need is internet connectivity and you are all good to go!


2. Wondershare Filmora9 does the wonder:

If you spent hours in video editing, this name may not be new to you. Wondershare Filmora9 is one of the finest video editing tools where you can not only extract audio from a video, but you can also go the extra mile by editing the audio you get.


extract sound from a video wondershare


If you want to remove any unwanted noise or want to add in some audio effect, it’s just a matter of clicks with Wondershare Filmora9. So along with extracting audio from a video, you also get to add on the edits you want in a single platform.

3. Audio extraction made easy by Fileconverto:

If you want to go hassle-free, Fileconverto is the one for you. If you are into extracting audio from a video, you would probably like to enjoy the flexibility of audio formats you get, won’t you? With Fileconverto, you exactly get that, as you can choose the audio format you want.


extract sound from video using Fileconverto converter



This online converter is free of cost and if you are particularly looking to extract music from a music video Fileconverto may become your favorite. All you need to do is browse down the video files you want to extract and press the Submit button. Just give it a few seconds, and your file is ready for download!

4. Audio-Extractor makes things simple:

One of the simplest converters you may get on the internet is - Audio-Extractor. Of course, it’s an online free converter, and if you are a person with really limited knowledge of converters or handling them, you can easily use this.


Audio-Extractor makes things simple


All you need to do is to visit their website. The website has very-well demarcated step by step guide for making video audio extract less confusing. Though the converter is very simple, it also gives you the option of the audio file format you would like to use.

5. Online-audio-converter impresses users:

If you want to extract audio from a video, Online-audio-converter is what we recommend at number #5. Online-audio-converter is somewhat similar to Audio Extractor. This online audio converter turns your video to the audio file you would surely be impressed with, that too in any format you want.




At the same time, your data is completely secure with the converter and hence there are no security issues. So if you are looking for a simple and efficient converter, you can surely go for Online-audio-converter.


Along with the above mentioned online converters you can use for extracting audio from a video, there are hundreds more on the web which is worth going through. After our short tour through the audio extractors, the question which we often come across is- is it the best choice to go with online converters?


There is no fixed answer to this. It depends on what audio you want to go for, what's the size of the file you want to convert, and many more. Most of the online converters do have a limitation of the size of the video file that they can take in. So, if you are going for converting a massive video file, it may be best to go with offline audio extractors. But surveys say, users usually do not go for a long video to audio extracts.


Nevertheless, most of the users choose online converters to extract audio from video and prefers to get the extraction process easier. Hence, if you are starting with extracting audio from a video, you can surely go for the online converters like Convertfaster. So, don't wait any longer, and grab an extractor that best suits your needs and start getting the audio you want!


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