Written by : Joy Ellen

Aug. 10, 2020

30 Simple Ways to Grow Instagram Followers

It is estimated that over 60% of a billion Instagram users log into their accounts every day. To date, it has become the second most popular social media after YouTube. And with such a wide available audience, Instagram has grown to be an effective marketing platform that no brand in recent times can afford to lose out on.


Are you looking at Instagram to promote your brand? Or, how to effectively connect with your followers and build brand loyalty? Or, you just want to gain followers the ethical way?


Here are 30 simple ways to productively use Instagram to grow your followers and increase your brand engagement.

Grow Instagram Followers


1. Have a Strategy

Using a social network platform without strategy leads to a waste of resources and negligible returns on investment. Formulate a clear marketing plan that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Keep your focus on business-oriented purposes and not just to get more likes.

This will help you stay consistent and build a profile that attracts new visitors and keep them loyal.


2. Have a Target Audience

Do some groundwork and have a defined target audience. If you are clear on certain parameters like the age group, occupation, location, pattern of social network usage, you can curate your content accordingly and drive more traffic to your profile. This will also help you reach out to the right Instagram followers.


3. Create a Consistent Brand Story

Ensure to create and maintain consistency in your brand personality. It is advisable to keep the posts and stories on the same tone and color so that your followers can stay related.


4. Craft an Attractive Bio

Your Instagram profile is the first thing a visitor will notice. So, take the effort to craft a clear and appealing one to tempt visitors to click the follow button.


5. Generate Engaging Content 

The objective of your posts is to get your target audience to like, comment, and share. Share content that is interesting and relevant. A higher engagement will also boost your Instagram algorithm and enable more traffic to your profile.


6. Promote Your Presence

To gain Instagram followers, you need to amplify your presence so that people can discover you easily. Leverage your other social media presence such as on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube to draw people to Instagram. Ensure that all your online and offline communication tools have links to your Instagram account. This includes website, email signature, advertisement tools, and newsletters.


7. Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the most important tool to make your profile discoverable. By using correct and relevant hashtags you can gain followers who relate to your product, brand, or industry.


8. Tag location

If your brand has a physical outlet, make sure to tag the location when posting and encourage customers to your store, restaurant, and office to do likewise. This will help expose your Instagram account so that more people can discover it.


9. Follow Related Users

Identify social influencers and conversations that resonate with your brand and get involved with them. This can set off a rippling effect to get them and their followers to follow you back.


10. Engage with Communities

Get involved with your core community by engaging with credible users. By giving sound comments, liking, and sharing their content you can attract their attention and potential followers.


11. Keep Your Postings Consistent

One of the main reasons why you have followers is because they want to see activity from you. Statistics show that daily posting will ‘grow followers four times faster than posting once a week’.


12. Strike at Right Time

Study your audience and based on their lifestyle and occupation post your content when you can get maximum traffic and coverage. E.g., commute hours and weekends are optimal times for a retail brand to post.


13. Post on Schedule

Dedicate time to plan and posts your content in advance. This will help weave a comprehensive story throughout your grid and also streamline your work process. Tools like Hootsuite schedule can enable you to publish on Instagram directly.


14. Write Great Captions

It is not only visually appealing images but captions which make use of relevant emojis, questions, and text that keep your followers engaged and wanting for more.


15. Utilize Instagram Stories

500 million Instagram users check stories daily and studies show one-fifth of this engagement results in direct contact. To gain new followers, take advantage of hashtag and location features to create exposure for new users.


16. Interactive Content

Taking a poll, running contests, offering giveaways are all interactive ways to engage with users. And the higher the engagement, the more it will show up on their activity feed compelling other users to check out your profile


17. Consider Advertising

A powerful way to get your content to a new audience and garner new following is through Instagram Ads. Check here for details on Instagram advertising.


18. Ask for followers

Don’t shy away from occasionally asking your existing audience to follow you. Sometimes people need that extra nudge to click the follow button.


19. Join the Trend Wagon

Keep a track on trending topics and align your content to improve engagement.


20. Monitor followers

Use analytical tools like Social Blade to track your follower’s growth and engagement pattern.


21. Instagram Tools

Invest in tools like Later and Iconosquare to facilitate your Instagram strategy and build your audience over time.


22. Check on Competition

A good practice is to learn from your competitors. Researching their profiles can inform you of strategies that might work for you too.


23. Create Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag for your events will add customization and drive brand exposure.


24. Repost Positive Reviews

By reposting positive mentions from users, you get extra traction and this action makes for good business.


25. Strive to get Verified

The blue tick on your Instagram account lends authenticity and credibility to your brand. Make it one of your objectives to get your brand Instagram verified.


26. Experiment with Photos

The more captivating and creative your images are, the higher the probability to attract people to follow and share your content. So have fun playing with different dimensions and filters.


27. Play Tag with People

Show up on tagged feeds by tagging relevant account users. This is a good publicity move for your brand.


28. Include Call to Actions

Include a link and a cleverly worded call to action in your bio. Ask questions in your post and request followers to share content.


29. Get Featured

Aim to get featured as an Instagram account. This spotlight will send a stream of new followers your way.


30. Aim for Search and Explore tab

With over 200 million users visiting this search and explore tab daily, it is one of the most powerful tools for brands to grow their followers.


So, remember, the goal here is to grow followers who care and would engage with you. Because that is the only way Instagram would deliver actual business results.

All the best and see you soon in our next blog!


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