Written by : Muhamood Yasin

June 29, 2020

How To Hack WhatsApp And Read Messages Of Another Person

WhatsApp is the lifeline of messages. In fact, you can even say that it is the synonym of messages. We often have conversations as, “WhatsApp me the number.”, “I’ll WhatsApp you when I reach.”, etc. So, we would not be wrong in saying that WhatsApp can even be called as the synonym for conversations, too.


Today, WhatsApp has taken messaging to a whole new world. First of all, it is completely free, which is the best feature that any app can provide. Secondly, you can send indefinitely any number of messages with gifs, emoticons, animations, and of course text messages.


WhatsApp has even changed the world of expression. People can express themselves without being visible or having their voices heard.


So, no doubt the advantages of WhatsApp are countless. But today, we are here to discuss something very interesting, and that is how to hack WhatsApp or simply spy someone’s WhatsApp messages.


It is really easy and totally legal. However, just for the record, we want to tell you that we are not suggesting hacking into someone’s private data without consent. We only want you to learn the tweaks and tricks of the app that we are about to illustrate. You will know everything in detail once you follow the right steps on how to read WhatsApp messages of another person.


So, let’s begin.


The Primary Requirement


You have to start by downloading an app known as Whatscan for WhatsApp Web. You can download this app from the Playstore. To determine the authenticity, make sure the app has two phones as an icon, with QR code on the screen. If this is the icon, then download the app on your phone. This app has all the features required to access other’s WhatsApp chats on your phone.

How to hack someone's whatsapp messages


The features of this app are:


  • The app is completely free.
  • This app is really easy to use and it will let you use the same WhatsApp account on any two different android devices.
  • This app is also the fastest way to get the other person’s WhatsApp message on your phone/ tablet.
  • The app allows you to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your devices.
  • It is completely legal to use, as you are technically not hacking into anybody’s account.
  • It does not occupy much space on your phone and does not give irritating ads.


Once you have successfully installed the app, here is the step by step guide on how to hack WhatsApp messages of other people:


1. Open the app- Whatscan for WhatsApp web. The app guides you through the procedures automatically.


2. You will have to initially choose the language from the long list they have provided. You can choose English or whatever you are comfortable with from the list.


3. It will also give the option of setting a password for the app. If you choose to ignore it, you can do it later in the app. It all depends on the privacy settings that you want.


4. Once you come to the next step, it will generate a QR code on your mobile screen. You will have to get this QR code scanned by the WhatsApp device that you want to access on your mobile.


To do this you will have to go in the WhatsApp app of that device (whose chats you want to access) and then go to settings. In settings, you will have to select WhatsApp web. As soon as you open this option the screen will automatically turn into a scanning screen.

How to use Whatscan to hack whatsapp messages


5. Once you scan your QR code from that device, it will immediately give your device, the access of the other WhatsApp device that you wanted.

scan qr code to hack whatsapp messages


6. You can then select the contact from the chat list (scanned from the other device), and thus, the respective WhatsApp chats will show up in your device.

hacking whatsapp messages



This procedure is as simple as it can be. You just need the person’s phone to scan the code on your device and you are all good to hack WhatsApp of that person.


Now, whenever the person sends or receives messages from their device, you will also be notified on your device. You can completely read the chats. The best part of it is that your phone acts as the primary device for that number. That means if you send a message to a particular contact from your phone, that will show up as messages sent by the original sender.


So, the bottom line is that you have complete access to the other person’s WhatsApp on your phone.


Other prominent ways you can use this method


Even though this is the simplest way to answer your question on “how to hack WhatsApp messages”, this app is successful in knowing if anyone is stalking on your loved ones. Or, you can even use this app for business purposes when you have multiple phones and numbers.


Also, once you have access to multiple accounts, you can even download files on the same devices for easy access. The app is completely secured and encrypted. You do not have to worry about your data being breached. All security measures are taken to ensure that multiple WhatsApp accounts that are being accessed are safe.


However, in today’s world, we would recommend you to use the app for your business or personal purposes only when required. Remember that security breaching is a cybercrime. And reading or accessing someone’s personal information without consent is also considered as cybercrime.


To conclude,


So, whenever you are using such types of apps make sure they are 100% authenticated. If you think something is fishy or wrong, just contact the legal services and they will take care of it.


The procedure explained on how to hack WhatsApp messages is precisely for your personal use. Technology has made our life very easy. But at the same time, it is necessary to remember that it has to be put in the right use.










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