Written by : Satyam Maitrai

May 25, 2020

How to put an audio clip on Blogger?

If you are a person who likes to reach out to the crowd through the internet, Blogger is a word you must be very familiar with. In recent years, Blogger has grown as a home to all millions of bloggers across the globe. If you are among them, you may wonder if you can put up an audio file in the Blogger.

The answer is, Yes.


Blogger not only supports content but if you are into the music world or have precious audio you would like to share with the world, you can surely go for publishing it in bloggers.


Today, we will take you through the path which would allow you to publish your amazing audio files online in the Blogger. Follow us along, and we bet, publishing audio will be the easiest task for you. So stay with us and find the easiest way to get your work done!

What is a Blogger?

If you are wondering from the start, what Blogger is, the simple answer to it can be- it is a blog-publishing service where you can publish anything you would like to share with the world. If you are not onto buying a domain for your blogging page, you may publish the same free of cost.


Blogger is one of the most popular platforms for bloggers across the globe. Blogger has become a new trend to express yourself in the world of the internet. So if you want to step into this trend, Blogger can be your best choice.


Why publish content and audio files in Blogger?

People often have the misconception that Bloggers are only for the writers. But it isn't. Apart from articles, Blogger allows you to publish almost all kinds of contents which even includes audio files. Now you may wonder, why to choose Blogger for publishing audio.


Blogger is a popular platform with millions of users. People who are interested in various types of content has made blogger their resting hub. So, if you choose Blogger to publish your audio, interested people might get to your audio blog in a much easier way.


Blogger also gives the viewers of the blogs to place a comment on your blog. So this can be a good place for you to get a set of amazing feedback from across the globe. As the feather on the hat, if you get popular in the Blogger by publishing your content and fascinating audios, you can even generate a bit of revenue by placing Google Ads on your Blogger page.


Likewise, there can be dozens of reasons why one can choose Blogger for publishing content to the world in just a few clicks.


So, how to publish your audio in Blogger?

Now when you are ready to upload your best audio in Blogger let us see how you can do it most easily.

Blogger does not allow you to directly upload an audio file- it rather allows your viewers to upload the file in the form of a link. So there are a few steps you need to follow-


  • Go to Google Sites and Sign In to your Google account. You will be directed to the landing page.


  • Click on the Create button on the top- left corner to give a title and set the template. This will auto-generate the URL for your audio. Once you are done filling up the few more details on the page, click on the Create button on the top. This makes your site ready.


  • Now it’s time for you to add the audio files. You cannot add your audio file directly here until you have created a File Cabinet. To create a File cabinet click on the New page button from the top and give a new title to the page. From "Select a new template" zone, select "File Cabinet" and finally select "New Page".



  • Click on the Add File button to upload your audio file. It may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connectivity. You can add multiple audio files till you reach 100MB.


  • Now you need to look into the accessibility of your uploaded file. For that, go to the Home page. Go to the settings button and click on Sharing and Permission option. Make sure that you make your audio files Public. If it is not in Public mode, click on the change button and select On-Public on the Web.



  • Now the last step you need to do on this page is to copy the URL of your audio file by right-clicking on the download button and selecting Copy Link Location or Copy link Address.


  • Now your task in Google Site is over. Now it's time for you to walk to the Blogger page. Go to your Blogger account and click on Create a New Post. You should now go to the HTML section in the post editor and paste a chunk of code in it:

<audio controls>

<source src="URL" />

Note: If you aren’t able to locate the audio controls, then probably your current browser may not be facilitating the audio element


Fill in the URL section with the link you copied from Google Sites and you are all good to go! Publish your audio file and let the world hear the best audio you have.

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