Written by : Muhamood Yasin

July 2, 2020

How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp, the major messaging app comes up with a number of updates and changes. From adding backgrounds to sending gifs, it has made the messaging experience as colorful and enjoyable as possible. WhatsApp has also made expressing emotions really fun. But at times it gets dramatic. Well, whatever the case, WhatsApp has changed the face of text messaging making it more fun and frolic.


Also, with its support of ‘WhatsApp group message’ features, it has bought friends, family, and communities closer. Apart from just messaging, people can even discuss problems and common issues on WhatsApp. The messages are encrypted on both sides, so obviously an issue of a security breach is least likely to happen.


However, the most talked-about update that WhatsApp bought, was its ability to delete messages. Well, it is not as common as it sounds. This ability to delete messages is not confined to deleting a message from the sender’s phone, but also on the receiver’s phone.


Yes, you read it right.


You can delete the messages from even the person's phone to whom you have sent the message.


Well, it gives two options when you ask it to delete the message: delete it for me or delete it for everyone. When opted for the first one it just deletes the message from your phone and with the second option, it deletes the message from both the phone, irrespective of the fact that whether the receiver read it or not.


Well, but this feature has a drawback that what if an important message was deleted from both the phones.


So, is there a feature of recycle bin to retrieve the messages- you may ask?


This was a problem faced by many. So there came a solution. Today, there is a way through which deleted WhatsApp messages can be retrieved and read. The procedure doesn’t promote any hacking and is completely trustworthy. It is a simple process and you can read the deleted WhatsApp messages in no time.


So how to read deleted WhatsApp messages?


Now, all you have to do is download an app that allows you to read the deleted WhatsApp messages. The app is known as ‘Antidelete’. This app is easily available on the Play Store. It is supported by ads but they are not a nuisance.


The authenticity of the app can be easily determined by its logo. The logo has a green color box with a white bin on it (as shown in the below screenshot). If you see this logo and the name ‘Antidelete’, then this is the app you need to download to read the deleted WhatsApp messages.


So, no that you know how to identify the app, we will now explain to you the procedures to use the app in a detailed manner.


Step By Step guide to read deleted Whatsapp messages

1. Open Play Store and search for the app "Antidelet". once the app shows up, download it.


Antidelete app to read deleted whatsApp messages


2. Once it is downloaded, open the app. The app will not ask for any details of the device.

3. The app will launch a page like in the below mentioned image.


how use antidelete app to read whatsApp deleted messages



4. Turn on the settings on the right-hand corner and give access to the app for using your WhatsApp- this is the service permission button. You have to allow this for successful access of ‘Antidelete’ to WhatsApp.


how to read whatsapp deleted messages



5. Also, allow the notification access for the app.


testing antidelete app to read deleted whatsApp messages



6. Let the app open.


Now, let’s move on to the procedure of testing the app.




For testing purposes, you need to have two phones with you. We will call them phone ‘A’ and phone ‘B’. Phone B being the phone on which the Antidelete app is downloaded and running. Now just follow the below steps:


1. Send a WhatsApp message from phone A to phone B.

2. Check when phone B receives the message

3. Delete the message from phone A, choosing the option of ‘delete for everyone’.

deleted whatsapp messages


4. Once the message is deleted from both the devices, launch the Antidelete app in phone B.

5. You will see the deleted message with the name and the time sent. Thus, you can now read the deleted message precisely on your phone.


reading whatsApp deleted messages


It is this easy. The app retrieves very easily the message that the sender has deleted. Also, if there are multiple ‘deleted messages’ from the same or different people, all you have to do is just refresh the app and all the messages will be visible in a go.


step by step ways to read deleted whatsapp messages


Moreover, this app is free, easy, and small on size too. Hence, it won’t take up much space on the phone but be of great help if you use WhatsApp regularly.


This app will also be your savior if you handle your businesses on WhatsApp. You can retrieve the deleted business data at any point in time, that too without any conversation loopholes. This app by itself is totally legal to use, and there is no unethical access involved.


Technology is always meant for the betterment of individuals, and to help them accomplish their goals easily. But, at the same time, technology can be a bit harsh at times. If you retrieve a message that was not meant for, be apologetic, or ignore it, as breaching private conversations is still a crime. You should never intrude into anyone’s personal space or in this case anyone’s personal phone.


Today, the ‘Antidelete’ app has become very popular among millions of WhatsApp users. And, the best thing is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to operate it. Just download it and let the app do all the work for you.


To conclude,


Use technology to your benefits and see what miracles it does. Every day the technology is evolving to make your work life easier physically, mentally, and financially. So, it is totally upon you how well you use it to gain remarkable profits, and still not fall in any trouble.


We hope you can now read whatsApp deleted messages, see you soon with a new topic!



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