Written by : Muhamood Yasin

July 8, 2020

How to Retrieve Conversations on Facebook?

Chatting on Facebook is really entertaining. Facebook has made the world smaller. It has allowed people to connect at an immense rate. The ones who had lost touch have come together, all thanks to Facebook. Facebook is even the new marketing manager, business promoter, and is helpful in even strategizing the business.


Like other social media apps, Facebook has evolved since its launch. From advertising to messages, Facebook has tried to implement the most advanced technologies to make its interface unique and attractive. Thus, the evolution of Facebook has been an evolution in the world of social media too.


When Facebook noticed that people are chatting a lot using their website, it actually launched a different app known as Facebook messenger. This app has all that a person would need to make messages interactive. From emoticons to sharing files, the messenger is capable of doing everything.


Some of the interesting features of Messenger


Once you chat on Facebook messenger, it is quite addictive. Moreover, you don’t need to share your phone number, your Facebook ID is enough for you to connect with people on messenger. You can even create groups and have a gala time connecting to your old friends and acquaintances. Well, you even have the option of blocking the people you want to avoid.


Talking about the Facebook messenger, there are various instances when messages get deleted or archived. We may need to retrieve them for personal or professional reasons. If you have archived a specific conversation, you have the chance of retrieving it. But if you have deleted it there is very little chance of retrieving them.


Facebook messenger doesn’t allow you to get back deleted messages from your end. But there are steps to retrieve ‘archived messages’ and also steps to back up your messages to prevent them from further loss.


We have discussed those ways to make you get your archived or deleted Facebook messages back to you. We have rendered these steps as close as we could, and we will even guide you in detail for you to back up your messages.


So, here are the 3 procedures that may help you to retrieve conversations on Facebook:


1. Search for the archived messages by searching the particular name.


To retrieve your archived Facebook messages, you need to open the Facebook messenger app. In the search bar, type the name of the person in whose conversation you have been searching the message.


Once you click search, the entire conversation with that person will appear on your chat window. You can scroll through the entire conversation and find your message there.


If you find the entire conversation important, you can unarchive the entire conversation and have it back in your messenger list for easier viewing.


This procedure is only possible if you have archived the particular message/ conversation and not deleted it from your Facebook messenger app. If the conversation is deleted then you have no chance of retrieving it in this way.


How to Retrieve Conversations on Facebook



2. Ask the other person for a backup of your conversation


When you delete a message for any particular reason, it gets deleted only in your messenger. The message will still be in the chat history of the other person if they have not deleted it.


So, you can ask them to send a screenshot of your conversation, and you can then retrieve the deleted message.


This is the best way to get the deleted message back if the other person has not deleted the message. So even if you have deleted the entire conversation it can still be shared with you provided you have good terms with that person.

recover deleted facebook messages


3. Email Backup


As a preventive method, Facebook gives you the option of backing up your messages in your email account. It also provides the option of getting notified by mail when you receive a message. This helps in getting the entire messenger backup in your mail.


For this, you have to mark the option of getting notified by mail. Once that is done, you receive all your messages directly in your inbox.


So, if you are searching for a particular message check your Facebook messenger mails and you shall have the message in your inbox.


Or just retrieve the backup to get the full conversation ready for you to view.


Sometimes if the message is really large, the email may just have a preview message. But the latest update on Facebook is said to have improved that, so you can now have the full message in your inbox, which means that the preview window will contain the full message in the inbox if the message was sent after the Facebook update.


recover facebook delivered messages


So, these are the three most effective and ethical options for you to get back your lost Facebook messages if you have deleted them by mistake.


Some useful tip!


Just to be sure that you do not repeat the mistake or have to bear the loss of a lost message, make sure to get notified in your email about the new messages that you receive. Also, you should back-up your messages regularly to avoid the loss of personal and business messages.  The backup may occupy some space on your computer or mails, but it is very important to avoid blunder in the future.


Nowadays, with the rise in hacking incidents through methods such as ‘social engineering’, you never know who can gain access to your account and play with your conversations. So, it is always advisable to have a backup of the important messages in the mail or the cloud.


To conclude,


Hope these three methods help you in retrieving the lost messages. If you want to hide some conversation but may need them in the future, it is better to archive them, rather than delete them. Because archived messages are always easier to be retrieved and deleted messages have little or no chance of retrieving. Also, as emphasized enough, just be sure to have a backup of everything.


See you soon!


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