Written by : Muhamood Yasin

Oct. 19, 2020

How to Save Instagram Videos on Any Device?

The Instagram video compilation is one of the best ways to express moments. Of course, Instagram does not create the videos but the users and admin create such beautiful memories that sometimes you end up watching the same video on loop mode.


These videos play beautifully and are short and direct. Instagram has a new feature known as IGTV- Instagram Tv, which allows you to post longer videos. This is all done to secure the videos and preserve the copyrights of the content.


How to Save Instagram Videos


But most of the time the videos are so mesmerizing and noteworthy that you feel like saving them. Some have sentimental messages, some have tributes, some just have compilations of the most beautiful songs, so at times you feel like sharing them with people who are not on IG or just having a look at them whenever you feel like.


Nowadays, meme culture has gotten so much in everybody’s social life that even meme videos are trending. These videos are hilarious and many a time put out a message for the society in the most amazing way. The people who have to be awakened are given doses through a pinch of salt with these memes.


So, is it possible to save the IG videos?


Well, yes there are ways to do that. If you want to save them to be watched later in your Instagram app, you just need to save them in your collections. So that, when you access your profile and go to collections, you can find all your videos there.


But you can watch them only till the time admin has kept them on their pages and not deleted them. Also, you compulsorily need an Instagram profile to access them. So, this means the videos are available, but for a limited time.


So, is there a procedure to save the videos permanently on your devices?


Well, yes there is. You can download the IG videos to your device but it involves some tips and tricks. Instagram directly does not allow you to save videos on your phone so there are alternate ways to do it.


The way is completely safe and really easy. You will have all your videos saved in one place and you can upload them on your other social media platforms too. In short, you have complete access to the videos once they are downloaded.


Ways to save Instagram videos on any device.


So, there are many options available online to save IG videos. We have explored them and are giving you the best suggestions. These platforms not only allow you to download videos but also allow you to goof up a bit with the videos, repost them, and capture images from them.


So basically, once you learn this tact, your videos are not going anywhere and they are staying with you as long you want.


Hence, without wasting much further time, let us introduce you to the best method of saving Instagram videos on almost any device.


The method is about downloading the friendliest app known as “repost”. Yes, it is the easiest app to use. Actually, it is just a way to let you store your videos the way they like it.


Steps for downloading videos of IG using ‘repost’


1. Download the repost app. This app has blue square arrows as its logo, and is easily available on the Play Store and AppStore.  The version is compatible with any device that can download or has the Instagram app.


Steps for downloading videos of IG using ‘repost’



2. Once you download the app, the tutorial screen opens up and it explains the process so that you can download Instagram photos and videos to your phone.


download Instagram photos and videos to your phone


So, once you have seen the tutorial page, it will ask you to fill in your personal details.

Now here you have to give the Id that you use for Instagram and also the same password. This makes you give the entire access of your Instagram account to the app. But don’t worry it is very safe.


Once you have entered the details a blank screen will show up as you have not saved

any videos. Now to save the videos, go to the Instagram app and click the 3 dots button that

appears on the right-hand corner of the video that you want to save.


save instagram videos


3. This will give you the option of a copy link in a drop-down menu bar. Click on the copy link button.


drop-down menu bar


4. Now go on the repost app and you will see that your link is in the URL and the video is visible to you.


the repost app and you will see that your link is in the URL


5. Now when you click on the video, it will give you options of removing the copyright tag or replacing the copyright tag in a different position. This is the first blue icon at the bottom.


6. The second blue icon is what does your work. That is, it allows you to download the video on the device that you are using. The video will be saved in the video section of the gallery


7. The third button will allow you to save the part of the video as an image.


8. You can also repost the video on your Instagram page or any other social media page, right from this app.


The display buttons may differ for an android and iPhone, but the working is more or less the same.


Thus, this is the most simple and reliable way to keep your videos with you. You can access, repost and even delete them whenever you want.


Limitations of the app:


The app can download almost any video on Instagram when you just click on the copy link option. But this option is available only for the accounts that have been kept public. The meaning of this is that you can download videos only from public accounts and not from the private ones.


So, with just one limitation, this app is all set to fulfill your desire of saving Instagram images and videos exclusively on your device. Try this method and you won't be browsing for lost videos ever again!

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