Written by : Muhamood Yasin

Oct. 19, 2020

How to Use Instagram For Business? A Complete Guide

Instagram is a social media platform where people share photos and bond with each other. But there are different faces of Instagram. Instagram is a good way to promote your business too. You will be appalled to know what a difference it will make to your business if you have an Instagram business page. It has everything from running advertisements to predicting your audience.


Imagine if you know so many statistics, you will be easily able to have great insights and future predictions of your business, won’t you? And thus, you can strategize and run your business smoothly and profitably.


How to Use Instagram For Business


So, to create a business page, you have to just do some changes here and there and your profile will look like a business profile. Once you build an Instagram account, you can reach out to a billion users per day.


Just imagine the huge number of active users you can reach out to promoting your business. Well, once you start your campaigns on Instagram, you can easily get to know your target audience, focus on them, and thus grow your customers by giving them exactly what they want.


Thus in a few and quite easy simple steps you can create a business account or convert your existing personal account into a business account. So, let’s begin to learn to set up an Instagram business account.


Creating an Instagram business account.


To create a new business account, you just have to create a new account on Instagram and choose it as a business account. This account will be created as a business account.


If you have a personal account and want to convert it to business, you just have to make certain changes in your profile settings and you are good to go. It is highly recommended to do this, as people already know you on Instagram and you have a bunch of followers, so the promotion of business will become fairly easy when you already have an active account on Instagram.


To make your personal profile ‘business’, you just have to go to edit profile and click on the account. Then click on the switch to a professional account button.


Creating an Instagram business account



Creating your business profile.


Once you have switched to a business profile, it will ask you whether you are a creator or have services and products to sell (the ‘business’ option). Choose the option that is the most suitable for your business.


Then you have to select a business category. You have to choose from the options and mention what your business is all about. This is very important for searches, so choose the right option to get the relevant customers on your page.


Creating instagram business profile.



Adding Contact Details


This is the next important step as you will need customers to contact you. Whatever their query is, it should reach you right away. So, make sure to give your updated phone numbers, e-mails ids, mobile numbers, and addresses.


Adding Contact Details


Following the above steps, you are all set to advertise your business on Instagram. The business profile is all set and public. Now your profile page will look somewhat different from your personal profile page. Instead of 2 buttons of followers and messages, it will also have a third one as contact/ e-mail. This will appear with respect to what you want to display on your profile page. It may be contact or e-mail.


The following and message button are displayed as they were.


instagram business contact



Making Your Profile Attractive.


Put in all the business details with the right content and photos. This will have to be kept really attractive to make people serious about your services or products. Make sure you have right, precise, and to the point content. People do not have time to read detailed descriptions. Plus, the photos have to be attractive too.


Content Advise.


You have to update and create new campaigns to promote your business on the Instagram platform. Just creating the business page is not enough. You have to be promotional and keep advertising and posting regularly for your users to stay in touch. The more regularly you post, the more frequently you will be seen on your audience page.


There are freelancers available in the market who deal exclusively with social media marketing. You can hire them to boost your customers on social media.


Analytics: Insights, Followers, and graphical representations.


When you click on your followers, it does not just give you the list of the followers but provides you location wise data of the people who are interested in your business. You will exactly know the areas you are really popular in, and those where you need to work on.


Moreover, it also tells you the age group that is more interested in your business and the hours they spent browsing your content and the days that you were popular. So, all the analytics of the followers are served on the platter, just for you to understand your business better.




Thus, it also shows your top posts in a weekly or monthly manner, as you want to see them. By this, you can understand what type of campaign you want to pursue your business in the future.


Facebook collaboration and its benefits.


If you have created a business page on Facebook, don’t take a second thought and just sync both of them. This will help you in promoting your business to a great extent. The Facebook ad manager makes sure to run ads on both Instagram and Facebook, of course, you can run exclusive ads for Instagram too. But if you sync both the accounts, the business is promoted in a really good manner.


You can pay and run advertisements on both the platforms and when you see the derivation of positive results from a certain platform, you can have a clear insight of where to put your money in.


To conclude,


The Instagram business is the most popular and a great way to connect with your audiences and customers. The creation, management, and analysis of the business are just at your fingertips. So, go ahead and create an Instagram business page, and make the most of it.


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