Written by : Muhamood Yasin

Oct. 19, 2020

How to Use Snapchat? A Guide for Beginners

Snapchat is a social media platform that gained its popularity due to the filters and decorative elements it gives for the photos. It also provides an option to share short time videos with all the decorative elements added to it. Moreover, you can choose your choice of music too.


These creative features made the app popular among the youth, and it still is the most loved photo app among many. Just by a photo, people can share so many emotions with gifs and text, which is very appealing among today’s generation.


Snapchat was the first social media platform to provide the best privacy settings. It allows you to create a list or share your photo with just one specific person. This setting was so popular among the users that other platforms took inspirations and restructured their privacy settings.


How to Use Snapchat


Today Snapchat has so many amazing filters that you may be tired but they won’t stop to amaze you. The latest features in Snapchat also allows you to play games. You can also play interactive games like xoxo, bowling, pose like the animal, guessing games, and more games being added on an everyday basis. 


Best Features of Snapchat.


Best Features of Snapchat


Snapchat’s best feature is, of course, the technique with which it lets you take photos and play around with them. You can goof them up for some comedy or make them appealing by editing and brightening them up.


And the best part is you need not be a photoshop expert to do all of these. You can do these ‘enlightening’ things just by some clicking and adjusting. You learn as you go. No ninja techniques involved. Even before realizing, you will be spending hours on the infinite editing themes that this app provides.


Moreover, the memory is a great feature of this app. All your photos, videos are saved by this app in your memories section and that too with the editing and filters. No matter how long you have posted them for public or friends, but they always stay for your access in your memories. Till you delete it manually, your special photos are always with you.


The 10-second videos are known as snaps and you can take them by long-pressing the capture button. If you keep pressing the button, it will take multiple snaps.


Next is the interactive games that you can play with your friends. All the old school games to modern games have been built by the app in such a way that you have a blast while playing it. And the best part is nobody can cheat because the app knows it all!


We have seen people going bonkers over the bowling game and friends being able to know each other with the guessing games. Plus, even the app tries to play with you. For example, you can take a photo and the app predicts how old you are, you can dance and the app predicts like which star or pop star you dance.


So, these interactive attributes have made Snapchat a must-have app especially amongst the young crowd. Now, let's dive into the process of creating an account and exploring its features.


Guide for Beginners to Access Snapchat.


1.Create an account- To create an account on Snapchat you need to have a Facebook or Gmail account in use. You can create this by clicking on the signup option. By connecting the same account, you can easily access Snapchat and enjoy all its features. Once you create the account you will successfully be directed to the Snapchat homepage.

Login to Snapchat



2. Once you log in successfully you will be redirected to the homepage of Snapchat to create your profile. Herein you can add friends, your personal information, and everything. Things added here can be changed later on, too.



3. Once you set your profile, now you can go ahead and explore all the amazing things that Snapchat has to offer. Start with clicking a sample picture. Once you click a picture, on the right-hand side corner at the top, you will notice many editing settings.


Herein you can add text, gifs, images, times, time bombs, and multiple effects on your photo. There are infinite options, you can just go on and on. Thus, you can totally customize the photo as you want it.


 create your Snapchat profile


4. Once you have achieved the desired photo, you can post the photo online. You can choose to share the photo with some of your favorite people by creating a list or simply ticking on them. Else you can make it visible to all on your friend’s list or even publicly.

By clicking on the left bottom icon, you can easily save the photo to your Snapchat gallery. This gallery photo stays with you till you delete it.


save the photo to your Snapchat gallery


5. By clicking next to the circular button, you will be able to explore all the available filters. You can click your photos in them or with them. Post that you can even edit them and add any text, emoticons, or gifs that you require.


snapchat filters available


6. And in the end, you can even see the Snapchat of your friends or of the pages that you are following. If anyone posts a new story you will be instantly able to notice a colored circle around their profile image. Else the color will be gray.


You can click and see all that they have posted and you can even comment, chat, and exchange your ideas privately.


Snapchat messaging


To conclude,


So, the app is all about exploring and having fun. In short, it is a fun app, and you will fall in love with the filters. The way the filters fit with your face shows how great the app is designed. If you have this app on your phone there is not going to be any dull moment.


And the icing on the cake is that Snapchat makes a memorable snap for you on your birthday and posts it for you, making you feel really special. So, go download the app and start adding fun to your life and network.

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