Written by : Muhamood Yasin

June 16, 2020

The best free online video Converter

There's hardly a day when we do not grab out our PC or smartphone. Technology, in the past decade, has undeniably occupied a huge part of our life. However, with a collection of video files, you may have been through the annoying part when your device does not support a format. But what can we do?


In the present day, you can hardly avoid some formats just because your device is not supporting it. So, here comes the inevitable role of the online video converters. Just connect your device to the internet and you are ready to convert the files to the format you want.


Here we have listed the 5 best online video converters, which are very easy to use and will give you an impressive video quality after conversion.

1. Convertfaster

Out of the many online video converters, you would come across Convertfaster would be one of the finest. Convertfaster is a free online converter that not only converts media files but has impressive online converters for text files as well. You can also easily grab the audio to video online converter in a few clicks.

convert faster online video converter


If you are planning to search for an online video converter, mp4 is the format you must be having in mind. Convertfaster can easily become your top choice for this too. Let us first see how can we use Convertfaster.


How to use Convertfaster?

  • Visit the Convertfatser website where you would find various types of converters on the top of the web page.
  • For you, Video Converter is the choice. So, click on it to enter the Video Converter.
  • You will find two tabs when you can enter the Video Converter. The default converter is MP3 to MP4. If you need that you can Upload the Mp3 file and the images.
  • Once you are done, click on the Convert button. Give the converter a few second and it will convert your file.
  • Once the converter is done converting the file, you can download it in your device.


Why use ConvertFaster?

The most viable cause for you to choose Convertfaster can be the high-tech converter it uses. The Converter takes the minimum time to convert your files to the required format. Along with the speed, you can expect a very impressive quality of conversion.


Whether you have a bulk of files or a handful, Covertfaster is always ready for you to help out. For using Covertfaster, you need not be a person with high technical knowledge. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps and get amazing results.


Can you be safe with Convertfaster?

The most frequent question of the present-day users- is whether an online video converter safe? Though not every converter out on the web is safe, Convertfaster is the platform where your data is in high security. Once you have converted your files, Convertfaster deletes every trace of both the file you have uploaded and the converted version. So with Convertfaster, you will never have a privacy issue.


2. OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConverter is the name you may have heard when you go for online video conversion. If you have a video recorded on your camcorder and want to convert it to AVI, OnlineVideoConverter can be your favorite.


This online video converter has a very simple user interface. They have kept the conversion steps as minimal as possible. And what's above all is that OnlineVideoConverter is free of cost. OnlineVideoConverter has made its place in the market owing to its high speed and professional conversion. So if you are in search of an easy online video converter, you can surely go for it.


3. Freemake Video Converter

If you have a movie on your device which you can't play due to compatibility issues, Freemake Video Converter can be among your top choices! You can download the software Freemake Video Converter and can inter-convert video files in numerous other formats.

freemake video maker


You will hardly come across a video file format which this online video converter cannot convert. Along with its widespread conversion scope, the online video converter is free of cost. You may have a thousand video files of various sizes, but Freemake Video Converter will never disappoint you with its power of conversions.


4. Convert2Mp3

Convert2Mp3 is one of the favorite online video converters for a larger number of people. Though the name suggests that the converter can only convert files to MP3, it converts files to different types of formats which include M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV and many more.


With Convert2Mp3 you can hardly meet any bug or unwanted pop-ups. Along with this, the converter can easily impress you by its conversion quality. You can also rely on this free online video converter if you are looking out for audio to video online converter. All this makes Convert2Mp3 a desired video converter in the market.


5. Converto

If you are confused with the many formats of videos you are bombarded with once you step into any online video converter, then ‘Converto’ can be best for you. With this online converter, MP4 and Mp3 are the files you get to deal with.


You can paste any Youtube video link in the converter to get the video converted to MP3 or MP4. Here you can easily opt for HQ and HD quality. With Converto you can edit the file name in just a few clicks and control the video quality in a few more.


To conclude,

With all these online video converters around you, you would hardly worry about getting a file in the format you want. Just an internet connection in your device and a few clicks can have you the desired format you want.


These online converters have made life easy for millions of users. Now it's your time to make your conversion tasks easy with the amazing online video converters such as Convertfaster! So what are you waiting for? Get your files ready for a quick conversion!

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