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Jan. 31, 2020

Why are Some of My Uploads Not Showing on My YouTube Channel?

YouTube has become a popular platform in the last few years. Whether you are a viewer or a content developer, YouTube has become a part of everyone's life. To promote your business or to express your ideas, YouTube can be the best place. But, it gets very annoying if your video is not getting the proper exposure. It often happens that you encounter the most common video not showing on YouTube problem. Viewers also get dissatisfied when they can't view your uploads on YouTube. The viewer's inconvenience is bound to hit you hard. So, let us see the problem in detail and get the best solution to it.


Why can’t I find my uploaded YouTube video?

Unable to find uploaded listed YouTube videos is not only your problem. At times you upload video on YouTube, and on the other hand, it does not show up on the platform. Many uploads on YouTube suffer the same issue. Uploading a video on YouTube has become very hectic due to this problem. Many YouTubers are annoyed about dealing with this issue, as there is no one particular cause, which leads to the problem.


However, if you are facing the same, it's high time to look into your YouTube channel settings. There are several settings you need to change if your video is not showing on YouTube. But, first, you need to check out if the problem exists for your channel. Firstly, you should go to the home-page of your channel. You will see a ‘View as yourself’ tab. Go to ‘New Visitor.’ If you find that empty, it means your viewers cannot see your videos for sure. Now, Let's see how to resolve that.


If you are having this problem, your primary job is to navigate through your channel. You may see that there are several formats to display your video. One of the formats is the main video auto-played, while the "featured" video is on the other side. If you have chosen the format and have several videos uploaded on YouTube, only the sample video you have selected will be displayed there. YouTube may not display your other videos. The best way to get rid of it is to change the format. Arranging your videos in the right way is also very important.


The videos appearing on the front page holds great importance and will be viewed first. This is bound to set an impression of your channel on your viewers. To arrange your videos properly, try finding the ‘Uploads’ section. Then, select ‘Switch to Grid’ to change the view of your videos. On selecting ‘Arrange Uploads,’ you can drag and drop videos according to your priority. You can also switch from Top 6 videos to Top 12 videos and put your best videos on the front page.


If your problem is still not solved, you need not worry. We have more ways to save your channel in our bucket.

The other most common hidden cause for the issue is the video settings you chose, knowingly or unknowingly. Often, unknowingly you make your uploaded video private. This setting will prohibit the public from viewing your content. Another similar cause maybe, your video is ‘Unlisted.’ To fix this issue, you need to click on your username in the top-right corner. You will then get an option of ‘Upload Videos.’ On clicking the ‘Upload Videos,’ you will get the list of the videos you have already uploaded. Now, you should check the broadcast status of those videos which cannot be seen.


So, click on the video which was made Private and choose to ‘Edit.’ Scroll down to find the option of ‘Broadcasting and Sharing Options’ and set it to Public. This solves most of the "video not showing in YouTube " problem.


However, if your problem persists, you need to check your channel type. For this, simply go to ‘Settings’ and change your channel type from "YouTuber" to something else. Re-login to your account to see if there is any change. If your issue is still not resolved, the last you can do is navigate to the bottom left of the YouTube page and look for the ‘Help’ option. Click on it, and go to Search Help and start typing your problem. YouTube will surely help you out with your issue. The steps we have discussed here are sure to rescue out of your issue. Above all, YouTube has a very helpful Support Team that will surely help you out.


How do I get my YouTube channel to show up in the search?

After getting your new channel, you often find your viewers complaining that they are not getting your video on searching. Many new YouTubers face this problem. Though initially, you can manage this problem by sharing links of your video to your known viewers, however, that's not going to work for very long. Moreover, if your video does not appear in the search, it is also going to hamper your channel's growth. So what you have to do is to uproot the problem as a whole.


Firstly, you need to check out if you have uploaded more than two videos. YouTube doesn't show channels with less than two videos. So, if you haven't yet uploaded more than two videos, then take time and upload more videos. Till you start appearing on search, all you can do to promote your channel is to share its link in social networking.


Once you have uploaded multiple videos, you still may not be able to get your videos on search. Don't panic. YouTube takes time, ranging from 8 hours to 36 hours, to make your uploaded video searchable. So, your task is to upload video; YouTube, on the other hand, will take its time to get it on-board. Now, wait for a while, and then check if your video is searchable.


If your video is still not searchable, it’s time to check your video settings. In the upper-right part of YouTube, you will see the Accounts section. Click on it. Select Uploaded Videos and check out your video settings. If you find that your videos are made Private, you need to change it to Public. For that, click on Edit below the video tag. Expand Privacy setting to Public from Private.


Another cause that can cause video not showing on YouTube is your video tag. If your tag is not a popular one, your video will not be easily available on the search. So, it's best to give tag lines that can show up on the intended search.

Editing channel tags

Now let's see how to deal with tags. There are two types of tags on YouTube- Channel tag and video tag. Both the tags must be relevant to make your uploads on YouTube accessible to the public.

To edit your channel tags, Sign In to your account. Click on your username and choose My Channel. Go to Channel Settings and go to Info and Settings. In the Tag Field, add relevant tags. Make sure you add your username in the Channel Tag. Once you are done with the channel tag, now it’s time you come to the Video Tags. Click on the YouTube username and go to Video Manager. Bring your cursor on the video and click on the Edit icon. Put in the relevant tags and make sure you have a tag with your username. Do Save the changes you have made. Else all your efforts will go in vain.


How to get more views on YouTube?

Getting views on YouTube defines the amount of revenue you may be directly making from YouTube. As YouTube has become a free platform for all types of talents, competition has become cut-throat. With bests videos on-board, promoting your video is a challenge. There are certain tricks that popular YouTubers use to promote their videos. Let's delve into the tricks and let us get you a stream of views to grow your channel. Let the Views of your channel be your inspiration. There is some technical know-how to deal with YouTube algorithms that decides the best and relevant users. Let's give it a look.


Titles of your video get you your view

Your title of the video should be as exclusive as your uploaded video. The title of your video attracts your viewers. Your title gives the first expression to the viewers. Moreover, the YouTube algorithm gives priority to your video if your video title is rich with keywords. Now, the question is how to get the best keywords? Here comes the keyword researching. SEO methods can help you to get the best keywords. So, the attention you give to your video, you should give equal importance to the keywords of your title. You can take full use of Google Keyword planners to get the best.

The description of your video gives you the extra mile.

The description you give to your video gets the search engine on your side. This is the place where your viewers will know what to expect from your video. So, make it interesting and generic to stand out of millions of videos on the same subject.

Let the tag play the magic

The tags you put brings in your views. Use the SEO tools to craft the best keywords. The title, description, and keywords of the video give the core idea of your video to the users. Get your video in the listed YouTube videos with genuine content, impressive keyword, and the perfect title. Getting into listed YouTube videos is the best thing that can happen to your channel and bring in tons of traffic.

Get the best thumbnail

The picture you put in your thumbnail is sure to give you a kick-start, and hence it should be unique. You might have observed, the successful YouTubers today have all beautiful and generic thumbnail photos incorporated in their videos.

Think of transcripts

If you want to improve your ranking on YouTube, then start thinking about transcripts. Closed captions bring in more views as then even the international audience gets access to your videos.

Get the trends

Choose your content wisely and get to know the trends of YouTube. It doesn't mean that going with the wind will bring you popularity. But the trend gives you the smell of viewers' choice. Feel it and create your new trend. The content you make ultimately matters the most.

Getting popular on YouTube, with the tremendous competition, is not only about talents but also of tricks. Many amazing videos do not get the best exposure just because the uploader isn’t sound enough to detect the ranking pattern. This may be because YouTube hasn’t openly declared its ranking algorithm; however, in the long-run, the content will always remain the king. So do always ensure that you keep the quality of your videos at par with the expectations of your audience.




YouTube has become a platform for talents, education, and knowledge. In the past few years, YouTube has grown rapidly and got a place in everyone's life. With the growth of the platform, the competition among the content creators is also getting higher day by day. The various updates on the YouTube platform have brought in various technical glitches and made uploads on YouTube a tricky process.


Many YouTubers come with the video not showing on the YouTube problem, while some cannot get their video listed on YouTube. There are cases where you upload video, and YouTube, on the other hand, has on-boarded your video in a way non-profitable for you. So, you can be the best content developer, but alongside, you also need to be updated about your uploaded video from the viewer's side.


So, use the odds in your favor and let YouTube promote for you. With our tricks and tips, you can surely get over all the barriers and let the world enjoy your amazing video. Get the technical side right and expose the best in you to the world, as the world always knows how to value the best.

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