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Have you ever wanted to send a file to someone with the assurance that no changes would be made to it? Did you ever create an assignment in the perfect layout in Word but it got messed up on the different settings on somebody else’s computer? Yeah, we have all been there. When we were younger, we used to scramble to the nearest cyber cafe to get one of the “experts” to change the Word to PDF file.

But with more and better online word to pdf converter services now being available for free all over the Internet, those days are over. Now, we can make conversions in the file type, like from Word to PDF, right from our personal computers. There are many different methods to do a Word to PDF document, but let us first look into the primary differences between the two file formats.

What is a Word file?

A word file is basically a text file made in the Microsoft Word processor software. They come with the file extension .docx, which is indicative of its XML origin, while older versions will have the extension .doc. A Word file is highly formattable. Besides making any additions, deletions and changes to the text, you can modify the font of the text, insert non-text elements and do several other functions. Word is the most widely used program for working on a text file or document. However, when you open a newer version of Word document in an older version of software or system, many of the formatting and items may get erased, resulting in loss of information. This is where, the PDF and the need for converting Word to PDF document was born.

What is a pdf file?

PDF refers to the Portable Document Format. It was developed by Adobe from the necessity to create a file format that can be accessed and displayed on devices irrespective of its hardware, OS or file reader application. A pdf file is a fixed layout or fixed format file, meaning that no changes come to the file when transferred between devices or software.

Even the formatting can be embedded within the code, making it immune to change. This means that the fundamental flaw of loss of code in Word files in a retrograde version is solved by the use of pdf file format. Thus, official documents that must be delivered in exactly the same layout benefits greatly by converting Word to PDF document. It uses the file extension .pdf.

What are the different ways to convert Word to PDF file?

There are many online and offline ways available to toggle between Word to PDF file format, due to its wide range of functionality that can be achieved by combining the modifiability of a Word file with the portability of a pdf file. However, there are serious limitations found in the offline methods, thus paving path to the introduction of online digital tools.

Limitations with traditional ways

Using Microsoft Word - Under this itself, one can convert Word to PDF free using the Save As function. However, there may be formatting issues with the converted document and you may not be able to get the desired data accurately at times.

From Adobe Acrobat Pro - You can also use the Adobe Acrobat software to convert a Word to PDF document. However, this feature is not available in the basic Adobe Acrobat version. You will only get it in the Pro version that is packaged under the Adobe Creative Cloud. Hence, it may not be available to all.

What’s next?

Direct Word conversion is a relatively new feature and is not available on all versions. You may also be on your smartphone that does not support Word. Also, an offline software uselessly takes up precious memory on the computer. Thus, the best option to use is an online conversion platform. However, still many of these sites will be sources of malware, or will be crammed with ads. You will obviously want a convenient and user-friendly website that does fast conversions from Word to PDF documents, and this is where we want to introduce you to

Introducing the Digital Way: gives you the Word to PDF free download or conversion services online. You will just have to choose the type of conversion you need, i.e., Word to PDF or Doc to PDF to kickstart the conversions.

So how to convert Word to PDF?

Simply click on the ‘Choose file’ option, navigate to the file in the Open dialog box, click on it and press Enter. After uploading, you just need to choose the Convert button, and you are done. Once converted, the file will be available for download.

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