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Have you ever wanted a fast and easy mp3 to mp4 converter? You need to wait no more. 'Convertfaster' is here to do all that you want in an online video converter. If you have been looking for an mp3 to video converter, the Convertfaster will simply do the process within a matter of seconds. Convertfaster is the best free online video converter that converts Mp3 to MP4 without having to install any applications on your computer. You can easily access the website by using your phone or computer and enjoy unlimited benefits of the same.

Powerful navigation & secure transaction of files

The converter is very easy to use and has simple navigation. The interface has been built in a pretty simplistic way so as to incorporate multiple features and specifications. Any novice user can easily use the website with absolutely no difficulties at all.

The best part about Convertfaster is that all files that are uploaded to the site are automatically deleted after you are done downloading and working on them. This way your files are secure and nobody other than you have access to these files. Hence, while converting to MP4, you can safely use our website with no worries or concerns about the security of your files.

An overview of file formats, that you may need to use

Before proceeding to file conversions, let's get ourselves acquainted with the different file formats that are available. This way you will get a clear idea of how each file format works and which will be the best conversion for you.


MP3 is a file format for audio files. It stands for MPEG Audio Layer-3. It is the third audio format for the MPEG-1 standard. These files are about the one-tenth size of the uncompressed AIFF file or WAVE file. They have the same audio quality as a CD. MP3 allows users to download huge albums at approximately the same speed as one single AIFF file or WAVE file.


Files with .mp4 extension are MPEG-4 video formats. MP4 are the most common video file formats that you will find. It is the format that is used for streaming videos or making downloads from the internet. It is a compressed video format and is considered to be highly versatile. They are an international standard for audiovisual coding. Due to the high compression of MP4 videos, they are typically much smaller than other file formats. MP4 is a web-friendly and portable video format.


PNG stands for ‘Portable Network Graphics’ which supports lossless data compression. PNG was developed as an upgrade to Graphics Interchange Format. PNG supports grayscale images, palette-based images and full-color non-palette based RGBA or RGB images. These files are mainly used to store graphics for web pictures or images. You can easily open PNG files using Google Drive.


‘Joint Photographic Experts Group’ (JPEG) is a very common and popular image format. Digital cameras have been long using it to store photos. It also supports different types of compression making it the most suited option for web graphics. There are around 16 million color possibilities in an image with JPEG format. Additionally, JPEG files also contain metadata that explains the contents of the files. It is a widely used image format.

So, how to convert mp3 to mp4 video really fast?

So, now that you have understood the basics of all the required format, the process to convert MP3 to MP4 video format is super quick and easy and can be done within seconds. All you need to do is upload the MP3 file and an image with either PNG or JPEG file format. Next, you just need to simply click on the 'Convert' option, and in no time, your download will be ready and you can save them either to your phone or computer.

You do not need any technical knowledge or be great at computer skills to convert files. Simply with a phone, computer or laptop, and a Wi-Fi or internet connection you can easily convert files at ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Head onto Convertfaster to rapidly convert your audio files to video files and empower your life to a better digital experience.

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